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This club was created to recruit members to the POSCON Chile Division.

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  2. Hi there, Andrew has requested me some help with the locations of radars and the VHF, HF and UHF antennas, I have the Radar location based on the AIP VOL I information, so I will share it here, but if anyone can help with the locations of the VHF, HF and UHF antennas that would be grate. Location Range Rpm Ats unit resposability PSR Santiago (33°23’26’’S, 70°44’17’’W) 80 15 Santiago acc Puerto montt (41°26’09’’S,73°05’15’’W) 80 15 Puerto montt acc Punta arenas (52°59’44’’S,70°51’24’’W) 80 12 Punta arenas acc MSSR Iqq cerro carrasco (20°55’34’’S,70°04’18’’) 250 12 Iqq acc Antofagasta cerro salar (23°34’46’’S,70°20’11’’W) 250 12 Antofagasta app Atacama cerro salado (26°22’55’’S,70°16’55’’W) 250 12 Antofagasta app Santiago cerro pajonales (29°10’08’’S,70°58’02’’W) 250 12 Santiago acc Santiago cerro colorado (33°23’26’’S, 70°44’17’’W) 250 12 Santiago acc Santiago yerbas buenas (33°46’35’’S,70°59’14’’W) 250 12 Santiago acc Concepción cerro pinares (36°56’28’’S,73°05’15’’W) 250 12 Santiago acc Temuco cerro araucarias (38°31’08’’S,73°17’00’’W) 250 12 Santiago acc Puerto montt scte (41°26’09’’S,73°05’15’’W) 250 12 Puerto montt acc Puerto montt cerro divisadero (45°37’18’’S,72°01’35’’W) 250 12 Puerto montt acc Punta arenas scci (52°59’44’’S,70°51’24’’W) 250 12 Punta arenas acc
  3. hello Andrew , I'm from Chile. Glad to participate in this great proyect. let me know if you need help.
  4. Hello and welcome to everyone interested in the Chile Division of POSCON! I have created this forum to explore the possibility of releasing a division for Chile during beta testing. Show this person, I'm going to be a member of this show, I'm a guy, I'm a guy, I'm a guy, I'm a guy and I'm a guy! If there is enough interest and discussion, we will devote our resources to creating the necessary infrastructure. We are going to need help with sector file construction and writing procedures! If you have any interest in helping us write this material, please email [email protected] ¡Hola y bienvenidos a todos los interesados en la División de POSCON de Chile! He creado este foro para explorar la posibilidad de lanzar una división para Chile durante las pruebas beta. Muéstrale a esta persona, voy a ser miembro de este programa, soy un chico, soy un chico, soy un chico, soy un chico y soy un chico! Si hay suficiente interés y discusión, dedicaremos nuestros recursos a crear la infraestructura necesaria. Vamos a necesitar ayuda con los procedimientos de redacción y redacción de archivos del sector. Si tiene algún interés en ayudarnos a escribir este material, envíe un correo electrónico a [email protected]

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