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  4. The problem is we don't have control over a P3D/FSX/MSFS model set. Our loose relationship with FLAi was the closest we have gotten to having some sort of influence over a model set for those platforms, but FLAi ended up going bust. This is in stark contrast to how we handle X-Plane. Right now, we are fully in control of the X-Plane model set. If you have any suggestions on how we can get our hands on a model set for P3D/FSX/MSFS, then your wish is my command and we can ensure commonality between the sets. Until then
  5. If POSCON's implemenation will ensure that all other members see exactly that selected model, e.g. a 767-300ER with a specific livery and engines (given a model exists in the common and over all supported simulators identical library of such), then I am very happy indeed with this news :)
  6. So, the only difference between our X-Plane library/client and IVAO is the fact you can choose a variant? If this is the case, then you will be happy to know our API supports it, but we haven't implemented it yet.
  7. Sure, it's very similar, actually. When you connect, you select Callsign. This has no effect on the appearance at all. The MTL Aircraft field will accept any ICAO aircraft type code a model exists for. Once that is selected, the "MTL Variant" field is populated. Here the user has access to all available variants for the selected aircraft type. In this example, there is a choice between two different liveries for a B763 without winglets or the standard livery with winglets. If somebody makes model i.e. livery and this is accepted into IVAOs library, there is ev
  8. I have never used IVAO's, can you give me a tour of it or link me to a good video?
  9. PS: In addition, there is no indication to the member, if a certain combination will not result in a match (e.g. there is none for an A319 for All Nippon Airways, because the airline doesn't operate this type in RL), thus the model matching will revert to some other livery. I guess everyone is familiar with the awkward moments when e.g. ATC instructs you to follow "the company aircraft" and you see something totally different out of the window...
  10. I'm using X-Plane almost exclusively, and yes, the quality of the models is good, if not outstanding. Yet the fundamental limitation remains: matching relies solely on ICAO airline identifier and aircraft type code, which cannot cover aircraft variants not reflected in the equipment codes nor different liveries.
  11. Have you guys tried our X-Plane library? Wondering if the technique we used with that library would be better suited for other simulator platforms in the future?
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  13. Thanks for the information. I will try to update to a higher version
  14. Il file di settore, attualmente limitato all'area di Milano è pronto. Ulteriori sviluppi sono necessari, ma per il momento si può utilizzare. Vorrei ringraziare anche per il loro contributo @Giovanni Rizzae @1018284. Grazie ancora. Contattatemi su Discord che vi parlerò privatamente su come usarlo.
  15. Hello Elias, Sorry for the delayed reply! Windows 7 is not supported unfortunately. You will have to update to Windows 8 or greater for the POSCON Launcher and Clients to work. Sorry Hope you can join us soon though!
  16. Hola amigos, ¿Se sabe algo sobre el procedimiento para registrar en la red Aerolíneas Virtuales? Gracias
  17. Piggybacking off of what Scott said, there is also multiple youtube videos on that channel to help you get started with all the basics. Hope this helps, Andrew
  18. Hello Dev Team, Is there any help available on this issue.
  19. Yes, and this is the reason I am on IVAO. I love how simple it is and the choices are endless.
  20. The one FIR identifier that I didn’t try! I was going off of the Mexico IFR charts.
  21. Hi Scott, have a look in the FAQ section, there you should find some answers you´re looking for. Frequently Asked Questions - POSCON There´s also a video on youtube about filing a FP on POSCON.
  22. Hello I am new to poscon and wondered if there was any thing like a manuel on what to enter in the poscon information when using atc etc
  23. MMFR is what I would have tried based on SkyVector. However, when you file your flight plan on the HQ website, the response contains the CPDLC login authority, as well.
  24. I'm not sure what to call it--as to whether it is a bug or an operator error, but I was attempting to fly MMCU to MMMZ, and the flight plan was successfully submitted. However, as following procedure, I logged on through Monterrey Center (MMTY), but I got the following message: Thinking I had made a mistake, I attempted to log in as Mexico FIR (MMEX), Mazatlan FIR (MMZT), Mazatlan Oceanic (MMFO), Merida FIR (MMID), and then with KUSA (just out of a wild guess). All of them, except for KUSA returned the same error code, while KUSA came back with "flight plan not held." Is t
  25. I am trying poscon out tomorrow for a flight to VHHH (Kai Tak) i was curious when the flight plan will be active and also how to logon onto the ATC side of things like it asks me too if there is no Live ATC on ?
  26. I am trying to Launch FSX Pilot Client from the "Launch" button of the "Launcher Client" I am getting the following exception: I tried logging off and logging in again - no change OS - Windows 7 sim - FSX (SP2) Any help to resolve this issue will be appreciated. Windows Event Viewer shows the following error: Application: PosCon.PilotClient.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: System.BadImageFormatException at a4..ctor(ck, bbv.Common.EventBroker.IEvent
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