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  2. @cpt elmoussati Downloads section of the forums
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  4. I got some procedures where should i upload it. Thx
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  6. Andrea Mazzoni


    Buono, se qualcuno vorrà fare 4 chiacchere, sono a disposizione!
  7. Bonjour à tous , Le 14.02.2019 , le discord de la division Francaise à été crée je suis moi meme , server responsable du discord . Pour les personnes souhaitant rejoindre le discord de la division france : https://discord.gg/xBEKKG Un reglement de la division est déja mis en ligne en version Francaise uniquement .
  8. Tarek Zakaria Moustafa El Geridi


    ecco a voi il discord della divisione italiana,buon divertimento!! https://discord.gg/ADjDwGd
  9. I can help with the procedures as well, glad to be a part, SOPs per airport coming ya way soon!

    Scenery | Scene

    @superflyman90 Le partage de scene est interdit en public pour information , merci de faire ceci la prochaine fois en privée suite à votre lourd passé sur les réseaux IVAO , VATSIM et suite aux accusations mensongères que vous portez vers plusieurs membres sur les réseaux d'aviation
  11. Benjamin-christian Krebs

    POSCON Bahamas Project

    awesome Jarrett
  12. Howdy folks ;) join us on the POSCON Austria Discord Server. https://discord.gg/kfRhU6c Servus midnand ;) schaut doch mal auf unseren POSCON Österreich Discord vorbei. https://discord.gg/kfRhU6c
  13. Pozdrav svima! Na sledećem linku možete pronaći naš discord server: https://discord.gg/pCzk45f ------------------------------------------------------ Hello everyone, You can join our discord server on following link: https://discord.gg/pCzk45f
  14. Good evening, Since the United States and now as up today the Bahamas division have also a Discord server, I decided to create one for the Canadian Division. There is the link to join the server: Link to DISCORD if you want to join. Mathieu
  15. Good evening, Since the United States have a Discord server I decided to create one for The Bahamas Division. There is the link to join the server: Link to DISCORD if you want to join. Mathieu
  16. (English below) Üdv mindenkinek! Csatlakozzatok a magyar divízió Discord-szerveréhez még ma! http://discord.gg/cpZM98j ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, Join the Discord server of the Hungary Division today! http://discord.gg/cpZM98j
  17. Annyong haseyo! Many of you may know me from IVAO assisting with Incheon FIR and the creator of the sector file there. One big thing I really have focused on and have real world experience with is the joint agreements with RKSO Osan and the Osan TCA. Here I suggest joint relations with the future POSCON US Division and a Special Operations agreement to have a program in place allowing the growth of Osan on POSCON. Also, I'm here and happy to help with anything else Incheon FIR related!
  18. Nice to see my fellow Bahamian controllers here who we worked together with gathering real world documentation on. One thing I want to point out before this project takes place is that Nassau FIR on VATSIM is completely unrealistic and should be avoided at all costs for an example to pick through while building POSCON Bahamas. Mathieu, Robert Guthy, and myself have worked countless hours on building up IVAO Bahamas to make it as realistic as it gets including sector data, phraseology guides, LOA's with Miami, and other procedures. We can easily start building that up to make POSCON Bahamas as real as it gets and active too. Any ideas let's discuss here Team POSCON Bahamas!
  19. Sorry for late response!!! I want develop JP regulations ... but anyone have resources to make this?
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  21. Gary Law

    Welcome to the British!

    Greetings from Hong Kong! I am a long time VATSIM and IVAO controller and I have got a pilot licence and radiotelephony licence from the UK. Hopefully, there could be different LARS (or at least a large Farnboro' LARS covering London) for low level GA traffic in the new POSCON:) I will also be able to help as well (perhaps as a visiting controller):)
  22. Pilot Aslan

    Turkish Virtual Airlines

    Her zaman elimden gelenin en iyisini yapmaya hazırım hocam.
  23. buraktiftikci

    Turkish Virtual Airlines

    Ömer hocam, emekleriniz için teşekkürler elinize sağlık
  24. Buona sera a tutti, probabilmente se vi siete limitati a guardare la sola sezione italiana del forum potreste aver avuto dubbi sulla possibilità che la community di POSCON fosse viva in Italia. Di sicuro questa notizia potrebbe interessarvi. Sto collaborando con alcune persone per lo sviluppo del materiale necessario per l'avvio futuro della divisione Italiana su POSCON, e posso annunciare, che ho quasi terminato il briefing ACC+APP di Milano. Ovviamente poi procederò con gli altri briefing. Se qualcuno inoltre cerca una virtual airline che supporterà POSCON quando partirà, vi lascio qua questo link: Clicca
  25. Hallo Zusammen, Ich habe mir gedacht, um mal etwas rollen hier rein zu bringen, dass wir uns mal zusammen setzen und gemeinsam SOPs für Deutschland schreiben und Sector Data. Aus dem Anlass dachte ich mir, dass ein Discord für Absprachen und zum besseren Austausch ganz nützlich sein könnte, weshalb ich mir erlaubt habe einen zu erstellen. https://discord.gg/5DpNEy8 Ich hoffe, dass sich ein paar Leute finden, die Lust haben zusammen daran zu arbeiten. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Finn
  26. Pilot Aslan

    Virtual Airline Integration

    I don't think it would be a good idea to internal integration of Virtual Airline websites with POSCON. But if we all can register our virtual airlines to POSCON just like Ivao and Vatsim that would be nice.
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