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    • Andrew

      Welcome to the POSCON/ADX Forum!   08/22/2017

      Hello and welcome to the Positive Control and AirDailyX joint web forum! As promised on AirDailyX.net, this forum is the first of many additions that aim to change ADX from the "insolent European/American FS news breaker" into a true flight simulation community. A new company called Positive Control (POSCON for short) has taken over operations at ADX to help facilitate this objective. Who and what is Positive Control? POSCON is a group of aviation professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts who intend to advance the simulation community to its full potential. We plan on providing users with a network and user interface that adhere to the technological capabilities of this decade. Our mission is to foster a realistic simulation environment through the use of network integration, automation and training incentives. In keeping to our company's mission of providing the most realistic and modern simulation network available, our team has been carefully selected and consists of professionals within their respective fields. These professionals include real pilots, ATC, investment bankers, retired professors, and journalists. How does this relate to AirDailyX? It is quite simple, ADX has an amazing following of very passionate individuals. By generating discussions, getting user feedback, and working with flight simulation developers, we will be able to create the biggest and most influential platform that the flight simulation community has ever seen.
    • Andrew

      Join POSCON/ADX at FlightSimExpo 2018!   12/09/2017

      Interest in the first annual FlightSimExpo has taken off – with more than 25 organizations expressing initial commitment to making the new event in Las Vegas a huge success. Interested attendees are encouraged to follow the conference on Twitter (@FlightSimExpo) and ‘like’ the conference on Facebook (facebook.com/FlightSimExpo) to stay up to date.
      LAS VEGAS – December 8 – FlightSimExpo 2018, a new, community-driven flight simulation conference, will be held the weekend of June 9-10, 2018 at Flamingo Las Vegas Resort. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and minutes from the airport, Flamingo Las Vegas Resort has newly-renovated rooms, modern meeting space, a great rewards program, and features a Caribbean-style water park and tropical wildlife habitat.
      FlightSimExpo 2018 will feature a variety of interactive exhibits, and a host of educational and informative seminars from professionals across the aviation and flight simulation industries. In addition, there will be social events after conference hours for networking and connecting with other simulation enthusiasts, aviation professionals, and developers from across the simulation industry.
      The conference was formed by a group of community organizers from Boston Virtual ARTCC who have years of experience in flight simulation, aviation, and event planning. FSExpo plans to bring simulation enthusiasts, current and former aviation professionals, and anyone else who has an interest in flight simulation or aviation together to witness the advances and developments within the industry. This conference is truly community-driven: the venue, host city, and activities have all been determined by feedback from the community and developers. Early support from Orbx, X-Plane, and the new AirDailyX team helped make this event into a reality. At AirDailyX, we are proud to announce that as official sponsors of this event, we will stream live from several locations across the event and allow our viewers across the world to not only watch live but also participate in the different conferences and Q&A sessions. This event is going to be very special as we will host the Positive Control team to reveal ground-breaking developments and achievements to enhance the flight simulation industry.  We encourage everyone to participate in the planning of the conference by joining in discussions that will take place in a FlightSimExpo forum to be hosted on the new AirDailyX forum. That will be released along with our brand new web site in the upcoming days. Stay tuned for more information on these exciting developments! Early bird registration will start at just $50 for the weekend, and a 3-night stay at the FlightSimExpo special event rate will be approximately $135/night, including all taxes and fees.
      Visit www.flightsimexpo.com for more information about the event and venue. Interested attendees are also encouraged to follow FSExpo on Twitter (@FlightSimExpo) and like the conference on Facebook (facebook.com/FlightSimExpo) for updates.

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  4. So what got some of you folks to want to control in Bahrain and Qatar ? Are you a big fan of Qatar Airways like me ? Or do you like the country... Or is it simply because you quite like controlling in Bahrain and Qatar and you want to continue with it etc ? I would love to hear peoples answers :)
  5. LGGG Sector Files

    as im thinking still missing ATIS Voice Files.... so we are not ready :P
  6. LGGG Sector Files

    LGGG Airac 1801 Full ready :) i need only voice server settings and where to get stats.
  7. SOP Preparation

    Hello @Andrew can we have some details-hints what POSCON mean or want about the SOP to start the ECAC Eurocontrol-Greece be operational? So to start working or writing it. Thank you very much
  8. I did have to hold. Only one hold though. I thought the controllers did an admirable job of getting everyone in. I heard one pilot declare bingo fuel over Virginia the moment he was put into a hold. He was obviously hoping that would negate his hold. However ATC let him know that he could not exit the hold and continue to LGA but could divert to a an airport closer to his location, as he would do real world if in fact he was out of fuel.
  9. Hey Andrew, thanks for the warm welcome glad to be here. Me and Mr Mosaab here would be glad to take on the Saudi division. I'll invite couple more experienced people just to begin with. we also have the sector files for the main airports within Saudi Arabia. Let us know what do you think.
  10. Earlier
  11. Yea the discord link had issues for me too. You are lucky in that you didnt get any holding into LGA. I had to hold right before the KORRY4 STAR, on top of that i had to do it in a 7.33 classic with no FMS holding. It wasnt pretty but I made it work. Heres a great shot of the traffic from the event
  12. I kept getting an invite not valid or expired message on Discord...sorry I missed that part of the event. It was a great event though. Lot's of realism with heavy traffic and holds into LGA!
  13. ADX Screenshot Contest Prizes

    Some option for the people that use X-Plane rather than the lesser ESP sims
  14. ADX Screenshot Contest Prizes

    Product to give away to Flight Simmers in Contest The ZINERTEK - HD AIRPORT GRAPHICS FSX P3D enhancement package !! Very reasonably priced and is actually really decent to enhance all your airport, most all anyway.
  15. Welcome! Let’s become friends

    Andrew LGKO CEO of AEEvirtual X-Staff of Hellenic vACC (VATSIM), still noob :P Im TMA controller sometimes fly A320 and DH8D.
  16. Merhaba, Ortak noktamiz Poscon oldugu icin buna pek gerek oldugunu sanmiyorum. Yani Poscon uzerinde yapilan ucuslarin tamami gozukecegi icin VAlarin kendi sectikleri alt yapi ve tracker ile devam etmeleri daha uygun olacaktir. Zaten Poscon catisi altinda ve divizyonlarda birliktelik olacak. Yine de diger arkadaslar da bu konu hakkinda fikir verirlerse belki daha degisik bir sey yapabiliriz. Saygilar.
  17. Bağlantı

    Öncelikle POSCON a hoşgeldiniz Haziran 2018 tarihinden itibaren server açılacak şu anlık herhangi bir program yükleyemiyorsunuz malesef :) POSCON ile ilgili gelişmeler için forumu takip etmeye devam edin.
  18. VAlar için ortak flight tracker programı güzel olabilir.
  19. Merhaba, bağlantı için hangi programları kullanmamız gerekiyor. Bununla ilgili bir bilgi bulamadım.
  20. Welcome! Let’s become friends

    Oh my man! I love this idea!
  21. Welcome! Let’s become friends

    Hey guys, BeeJay or OzWookiee here from YMML. I mostly fly bush and regional stuff on FSEconomy for Landing (Badly) Airlines. Looking forward to the PosCon Network as we want to organise a Super Cub Challenge in BC and a Canyon Run for our groups.
  22. Hey guys! Join AirDailyX on it's first group flight from Miami to LaGuardia on February 15th, 2018! The flight will have ATC at Miami and New York and will have raffles for ImagineSim's LaGuardia scenery which is going to be updated! Go ahead and sign-up for the group flight using this Google Form and join us for some fun flying and cool streams! Go ahead and join us on Discord to chat and have a chance at winning the new scenery! More information is available here! So come out and join us to help make this the biggest group flight yet!
  23. Update

    Ah ok Andrew will stop advertising :)
  24. Selam Burak , POSCON çatısı altında hobimizi yaparken burada geçireceğimiz zamanın kaliteli geçmesini sağlamak siz kurucu olacak ekibin özverili çalışmasına bağlı. Ama bu kaliteli zamanı nasıl geçiririz diyorsan birkaç tavsiyem olacak. 1-Bu hobiyi yaparken ekip işi olduğunu bilmemiz lazım bu ekip işi derken, IVAO daki gibi ''körler sağırlar birbirini ağırlar şeklinde olmamalı'' STAFF dahi olsa sınavlar titizlikle ve hakkaniyetle yapılmalı eğer sınav olacaksa. 2 -Eğitim faaliyetlerini yalnızca Virtual Airlines eline bırakılmamalı sizlerde bir şekilde dahil olmalısınız. 3-Türkiye Disivion'da anlayış ve dialog kanallarının tam anlamı ile açık olması gerekir. 4-Bu hobiye yeni başlayan arkadaşlara karşı anlayış hakim olmalı diğer networklerde olmayan birşey bu . Bu benim VA'ın adamı bunu koruyayım, bunu şu rütbelere getireyim Staff yapayım dememelisiniz hak edenin gelmesi gereken yerlere gelmesi lazım. Örneğin bir TR division staff'nın sınavını siz yapmamalısınız veya gerçek hayatta aynı iş yerinde çalışıyorsunuz diye o kişiyi staff yapmamalısınız bunu örnekleri çok diğer networklerde. 5-Planlamalarınızı iyi yapmalısınız ki TR division hava sahasında ATC olsun ve aktif olsunlar ki uçuşlarımız güzel geçsin. Aklıma geldikçe yazmaya çalışacağım. Saygılarımla.
  25. Update

    We are not selecting division staff right now. Please stop advertising for staff. If you want to help, we are very willing to allow you to help us, but we will be selecting the divisional staff when the time comes. Thanks.
  26. Evet gerçekten iyi düşünmüşsün. Öncelikle buradaki yöneticilerin IVAO TR division yöneticileri gibi olmasını kesiklikle istemeyiz. Çünkü o kişiler haysiyet ve karakter yoksunudur. Yöneticiler herkese aynı mesafede olmalı ve kurallar öncelikli olmalı şahıslar değil.
  27. Selam Burak. Çok iyi düşünmüşsün. Aslında bu konuyu Haziran'da yayınlanacak betadan sonra daha iyi konuşup tartışabiliriz. Ama işleyiş ile ilgili olarak umarım Ivao ve Vatsimden farklı olur ve kötü niyetli insanların başa geçip burada hobisini yapmaya çalışan insanlara zehir etmezler. Bize düşen, Poscon yönetimi ile iyi çalışıp bu temelleri iyi atmak.
  28. Merhaba arkadaşlar, Öncelikle takip etmeyen veya İngilizce bilmeyen arkadaşlar için bilgi olarak, POSCONdaki çalışmalar hızla devam ediyor ve Haziran 2018 de beta sürümü olarak biz kullanıcılara açılması planlanıyor. Server protokolü hazırlanmış ve test uçuşları gerçekleştirilmiş. Bu süreçte bizde Türkiye divisionu olarak bizden talep edilen bilgi ve içerikleri POSCON tarafına temin ediyoruz. Ekip olarak 10 yılı aşkın uçuş simulasyonu deneyimimiz ve hem IVAO'daki hemde VATSIM'deki uçuş ortamını ve sosyal ortamı gördüğümüz için iki tarafında artılarını eksilerini ölçüp POSCON da olmasını ve olmamasını istediğimiz şeyleri tartışıyoruz. Bu başlığı açmamdaki amaç bu tartışmayı hep birlikte yapmak, kısacası POSCON dan ve POSCON Türkiye divisionundan beklentilerinizi ve isteklerinizi bu başlık altına yazabilirseniz sevinirim :)
  29. New ADX Site Feedback

    Yes, I was trying to remember where you asked this question. https://www.airdailyx.net/feed/ (for both news and reviews)https://www.airdailyx.net/feed/?post_type=article (for articles only)https://www.airdailyx.net/feed/?post_type=review (for reviews only)
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