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  4. We do not have a public facing API yet for other map sources to use our data. This is something that is on the list for the future though!
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  6. HI all, Dave from Colorado here. I live just a couple of miles north of KFNL (which has the U.S.'s first virtual tower BTW), and only about 30 or so miles west of Rich C. I have my PPL but haven't flown as PIC in many years. Had too much life get in the way. I like to fly GA aircraft from the C172 up to bizjets in X-Plane 11. Also I fly for Solaris VA, although not as often as I used to. Hope to see you online.
  7. Please contact [email protected] and give details on this. Make sure to include screenshots of what you see. Also, if you have not already tried - try to see if it happens across all your web browsers like Firefox/Chrome/Edge.
  8. Greetings, The DGAC provides all procedures available for public airfields at the following page: https://aipchile.dgac.gob.cl/aip/vol2/seccion/proc There's no registration required. The other pages of the AIP provide further information but they are mostly in Spanish. If more information is required please let me know and I will do my best to translate whatever you need. ---- Saludos, La DGAC provee todos los procedimientos para aeropuertos publicos en la siguiente pagina: https://aipchile.dgac.gob.cl/aip/vol2/seccion/proc No hay que registrarse para verl
  9. Hi everyone, Is there a possibility to start working on some beta phase of ATC in Serbia and Montenegro. We have people who are active members on POSCON as pilot, my self included plus couple of other guys who fly literally everyday since beginning of beta program and also there are people who are interested in working as ATC (also my self) @Relja Z. (1012560) has a lot of experience as ATC on IVAO and knows all procedures for our division so he can teach me and other people everything and I think that we can make Serbia and Montenegro on of the first divisions in Europe who wil
  10. Hola a todos! Saludos desde Coquimbo, igualmente si hay algo que hacer para hacer crecer la comunidad diganme. Hay bastante potencial pero creo que nos están faltando ATC. Ojalá se pueda solucionar eso para poder volar en el territorio nacional de forma más realista en POSCON.
  11. From all of the staff, volunteers, and beta testers here at POSCON, we would like to offer you a welcome and thank you for joining us. Many have worked and contributed over the past two years (and longer, in some cases) to make POSCON become the Online Aviation Network you’ve been waiting for. Countless hours testing four popular Flight Simulator brands have created a seamless and global live multiplayer environment with a focus on new technologies and immersions. We hope you enjoy the our new platform and experience new challenges and skills, and maybe make some new friends along the way.
  12. Hanging out in Elite Dangerous this afternoon but we're back on the sim tomorrow in the 737-200! Come find me on Twitch as TheWingedLlama!

  13. if or when you need, I can translate in Italian for you
  14. Hola! Saludos desde Valdivia! Si puedo ayudar en algo en la creación de la división, cuenten conmigo
  15. Hopping on the A321neo this afternoon for a hop down to Senegal!

  16. Hi Gabriel, Thank you for your interest to become a controller on POSCON. As of right now, the radar client is still in Beta and we allow just a few persons behind the scene to control on the network. Those members are chosen by the POSCON STAFF. When we will open up application to allow more controllers to go live controlling on the network, we will post an announcement on our Discord server so make sure to be on it and turn your notifications on. If you want fell free to send a message/email to Matt Bromback (Director of Training) with your experience and knowledge and he will revi
  17. Hi Everyone, Could someone help me? I would like to know how I should proceed to get the auutorization to be Air Traffic Controller on the Network, I already have the Experience of Air Traffic Service coming from other networks, and I would like to be able to do the same in Poscon, how to proceed, thanks!
  18. Hello everyone !!! I would like to know if Poscon has a connection with Little Navmap or status.txt file to include in the LNM? Hug, Valmir.
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  20. Date: January 22nd, 2021. Departure Time: 1500z Route: OJAI-OEDF Preferred A/C Type: Airbus A320/A321
  21. Jordanian Division - Group Flights © Credits to @Omar Malhas (1018226) for the beautiful screenshot! This forum post is dedicated to announcing pre-organised group flights in Jordanian airspace. Suggested rules to keep the discussion organised: Mention the date and planned time of departure, in addition with the aircraft type or category preferred for this flight. Please try to limit the posts to announcement rather than comments and questions, just to enable people to subscribe and receive notifications whenever there's a group flight. Members can add reactio
  22. Hey all! Caleb from Canada. I fly the Q400 IRL but am temporarily grounded thanks to the current state of the world. In the sim world I mainly use X-Plane 11 and enjoy the 757 and A320 with the occasional hop in the Dornier 228 or Saab 340. If you want to come hang during a flight I also stream on Twitch as TheWingedLlama! Great to be here!
  23. Hello Everyone! My name is Rich and I am from Colorado. KDEN is my main commercial airport I enjoy mostly, but I do fly out of KGXY which is the GA airport in the city I live in. I have quite a few years of Flight Simming which started around the mid 80's. I enjoy flying the Airbus and smaller GA jets, but I also love the prop planes when flying through the mountains.
  24. Well I've got a lot to learn. This is utterly helpful.
  25. Hi guys, Steve here from ycfs. My favorite airport is lowi and my favorite plane is the Falcon50. Nice meeting everyone and Safe landings to all.
  26. Hi to all... Saludos desde Valparaiso!!! Espero estimados amigos que pronto nos veamos en el aire en esta gran red POSCON
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