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  4. Gökyüzünden mükemmel bir dünyaya

  5. Muy buenas, A través del canal de DISCORD hemos organizado una prueba de conexión en España. Lo idea es probar diferentes aviones, por ejemplo la C172, B58, B737, A320 ..etc... y esperar en LEIB en plataforma al llegar y esperar que venga el resto de tráficos ! Las comunicaciones, según POSCON por el canal Aire/Aire Para los que tengáis X-Plane-> https://forums.poscon.net/docs/x-plane/ Y os recomiendo ver la formación inicial, si no la habéis visto -> https://hq.poscon.net/en/learning/center/1016955 Resumen de Frecuencias a tener en cuenta 121.5 Guard Frec VHF 243.0 UHF (monitorear siempre) 123.450 Aire/Aire 122.950 Intenciones (seria como UNICOM en cercanias de Aeropuertos) xxx.xxx La TWR del aeropuerto, si no existe usar la anterior 122.950 Por ejemplo LEPA_TWR 118.30 y LEIB_TWR 118.50 Por lo que la operativa es por ejemplo ... Si hacemos LEPA-LEIB. Poner LEPA_TWR 118.30 y monitorear 121.5 .. despues proceder 123.450 y al llegar a LEIB 118.50 (lo que no se es si estarán operativas las frec de TWR ... sino pues 122.950 en vez de las TWR) Un Saludo.
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  7. Hallo mas.... salam kenal. Akhirnya ada orang Indo yang bisa diajak ngobrol di forum :v . Ngomong2, Mas saya boleh ikut trial test ngak mas di POSCON beta ? Ceers
  8. Hi, Aditya welcome to POSCON! Hope the Indonesian community will enjoy the network. Can you please help me understand what KASUBAG means? Thanks
  9. Heelo to everyone. I am a retired Navy Air Traffic Controller (26 years) and have controlled under both VATSIM and SATCO (the pre-organization before VATSIM). I also helped along with another gent to write and estblish the VATSIM Special Ops SOPs back in the day. Any help I can give, just let me know.
  10. Ciao a tutti, poco fa è stato rilasciato il seguente comunicato da Andrew Heath, fondatore di POSCON, sul server Discord: Thanks to all who have tested our services over the last few days. We like what we are seeing in regards to our server performance and we are prepared to invite a lot more people into the test. Effective immediately, those who are currently in the test can go to the 3-dot menu and click on "Invite a User". You are authorized to invite up to two of your close friends to join the test. As a reminder, make sure to invite wisely. Approval emails will likely go out next week sometime after we fix a few of these bugs people have been reporting! Thanks again for all the reports, they are really helping us to make this a solid and stable platform. NOTE: In order to get the invite feature work, please log out and back into your POSCON account. Additionally, we want see the capabilities of those refresh rates. Invited testers, come test your landing skills tomorrow, April 5th, 2020 at TNCM at 1700z to 1900z. RSVP here: LINK EVENTO Spero che la notizia sarà di vostro gradimento. Un cordiale saluto a tutti.
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  13. Oggi è iniziata di fatto la beta, come riportato da Andrew sulla sezione announcements dentro il server Discord generale, Di conseguenza, coloro che sono stati invitati verranno man mano approvati manualmente dal team di POSCON. Il processo una volta completato, vi farà accedere al network e potrete così testare il Pilot Client. Sappiamo che ovviamente potreste avere problematiche, pertanto in caso riscontrerete problemi, siamo pronti a darvi una mano. Vi spiegheremo tutto quello che serve fare affinchè sin dalla vostra prima connessione possiate divertirvi senza intoppi. Per coloro che non hanno ricevuto l'invito, non preoccupatevi. Appena possibile vi informeremo qua sul forum. Dopotutto, la beta su invito non è soggetta alla non divulgazione (salvo particolari eccezioni), e quindi molto probabilmente, potrete comunque esplorare il network attraverso le live Twitch di alcuni degli utenti invitati. Proprio oggi, infatti, un utente ha effettuato uno streaming per tutta la community di POSCON per mostrare cosa sarà possibile trovare su questo fantastico network. Se volete vedere la sua live, cliccate questo link (il link sarà però accessibile entro 14 giorni, dato che Twitch cancella le live che sono datate): LIVE 1 Aprile di Bish753 IPer qualsiasi problema, non esitate a contattare me o Giorgio! Un cordiale saluto a tutti.
  14. όχι ακόμα δεν είναι μιας και το δίκτυο ακόμα δεν είναι έτοιμο Beta. σύντομα πάντως. Roadmap
  15. Just created an accound to POSCON. I see that there is a Greek Division. . Is it active or not????
  16. The Invite-Only Beta is almost upon us, so it is a great time for another development update! Pending final bug fixes, we will be sending out the approval emails to the invited users soon. If you are lucky enough to get one, you will be authorized to access our software at the time you receive the email. Those who make it into Phase 1 will receive invite codes for Phase 2 to distribute at your discretion, but those codes will not be immediately available. We will keep you posted on when they become available to distribute. Here is a quick recap on the original plan for Invite-Only Beta, Phase 1 and what may or may not have changed since the announcement was first released: Pilots will require an invite code and subsequent approval in order to participate Status Update: This is still the case. All available invites have been distributed and those who received an invite are patiently waiting for the approval email, which will come soon. ATC will be hand-picked by POSCON staff and will be required to sign an NDA Status Update: This is still the case. One thing to note, however, is that we will most likely be very slowly implementing ATC. In fact, the first couple of weeks will most likely see little to no ATC coverage on the network as it still requires some additional dev work. Operating times will be schedule limited Status Update: This is no longer true. We plan to have the server up and running 24/7 as we have separated our development and production environments. We will inform everyone of scheduled down times when we make updates to the production servers. Number of users was planned at between 500-1000 Status Update: This is still the case; we have invited between 600-700 users to Phase 1. NDA is not required for Invite-Only Beta, Phase 1 Status Update: This is still the case. You are not required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) unless you are hand-picked to be an ATC. We will continue to maintain a select group of NDA pilot beta testers to test new features in our development environment. Having said all that, now I want to take some time to outline features that made it into this phase. I think outlining these features is an important part of the process of managing expectations. Voice System One of the main blockers that prevented us from releasing POSCON sooner was the decision to completely rewrite our voice system. Six months ago we were using the TeamSpeak 3 SDK for our voice infrastructure, but we decided using TeamSpeak 3 would limit our technical growth into the future. As a result, we opted to get rid of TeamSpeak completely before any sort of public release. Over the past few months we have worked tirelessly to develop our very own custom infrastructure and I am happy to report that it is now completed. Our voice will have the following features at Invite-Only release: Voice Server Supports: Many simultaneous connections. Ground-based transceiver locations; there are currently 4,667 locations entered into our database. Propagation of transceiver locations to the Radar Client. Option for separate PTTs per radio (e.g. VHF #1 and VHF #2), separate volume controls per radio, and separate audio devices per radio. The server supports this, but the pilot clients do not support this yet. Voice Effects Supported: Full VHF simulation including: 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz spacing. Terrain line-of-sight processing. Beat simulation. End-of-transmission popping tones. Wavelength simulation. Website & Administration Another factor that prevented us from releasing POSCON sooner was the decision to build out a custom Single-Sign-On or SSO. It became apparent, as we added new products and technologies to our software suite, that the generic open-source or even payware services would not meet our needs. I am happy to report that our custom SSO has been completed and is fully functional. Here are some additional web features we will release with: GDPR compliance. A support system. Basic flight statistics. ICAO 2012 formatted flight plan form: An integrated help tutorial is provided on the page. The form validates while entering data. Feedback and generic points system. Live Map used to view online traffic (updates every 2 seconds). Users can leave feedback about each other using the map. Moderators can initiate ghosting, disconnects, and bans using the Live Map interface. Pilot Client Web UI, which can be accessed on any device with an internet connection (see below for more details). Pilot Clients, Pilot Client Web UI, & Pilot Server The Pilot Clients are by far the most completed products that we have in our software suite. They have been closely designed in parallel so that the features remain consistent across the various platforms. Once you have logged in to the network, the Pilot Client will send information about your plane’s location, altitude, attitude, as well as a number of the plane’s parameters such as gear and flap deployment, engine RPM, state of various beacon and navigation lights, transponder mode and code, etc. The Pilot Clients also receive similar information from the network about aircraft that are within range of your plane. This information is used to draw 3D models of the aircraft at their correct position and orientation. The information is also used to populate various datarefs so that your aircraft’s TCAS system will be aware of nearby planes. In addition to the aforementioned features, the Pilot Clients also feature: Enhanced ground-clamping using various methods for a smooth experience regardless of differences in terrain. Model matching. Here is how we handle model matching with the various platforms: For X-Plane, the models are distributed with the pilot client itself and contain custom model matching logic. For FSX/P3D, we have integrated the FLAi model set through our Launcher Client application (see below for more details). ICAO equipment and airline code validation. Accurate ground speed monitoring (X-Plane Only). VHF push-to-talk activation indications. AI model sounds and controls (X-Plane Only). The ability to control the maximum number of AI planes that will be displayed. In-game notification of ghosting and disconnects with explanations. The ability to manually toggle ghost mode or request to unghost. Automatic detection of change in aircraft. The Pilot Clients will automatically ghost for: Sim rate increase, entering slew mode, using replay mode, or deliberate pausing (this can also sometimes be triggered by accessing a sim menu). If you are on the ground and not moving, pausing is allowed. Connecting on or re-positioning to a runway (through a menu) will prevent connection or disconnect the user as applicable. Pilot Client Web UI Features: Some functions of CPDLC (Controller-Pilot Data Link) will be operational such as the login function and automatic squawk code assignment. Real world D-ATIS (Digital Automated Terminal Information Service) broadcasts are integrated and can be requested in real-time by pilots. The voice portion of D-ATIS is not working yet, only the text portion. METAR and TAF reports can be requested in real-time by pilots. Radio syncing. Ghost and unghost toggle. Disconnect. Pilot Server Supports: Many simultaneous connections. A variable update rate based on range. When in close proximity to other aircraft, models will update 15 times a second for a smooth visual experience. Airspace awareness. The server can determine a planes position in relation to defined airspace boundaries (both vertical and lateral). This is a very unique feature not implemented on any other network. In the future, this will enable POSCON to build many other features using this core server functionality. Launcher Client The Launcher Client is the centralized hub to keep you up-to-date on everything related to POSCON. This product was designed around the idea of "platform software" similar to what Origin, Steam, and other gaming platforms offer. The POSCON Launcher Client mirrors the content contained in the POSCON HQ, but with enhanced functionality: The ability to download, install, launch, and update all available network software. The ability to switch between development and production environments (for NDA testers only). Token authentication. Once you enter your username and password once, the Launcher Client will take care of the rest. That's it for now, we hope you enjoyed this update. In the near future we will post a list of frequently asked questions that should help first-time users when accessing the network. If you have any questions you think would be a good addition to this list, feel free to comment below! Thanks for all the support over the last few years, it continues to keep us motivated!
  17. Heyho aus dem Allgäu Freu mich aus POSCON, das wird der absolute Hammer:)
  18. Ao longo do tempo e com a devida permissão da HQ, vamos começando a expandir a nossa divisão e a publicita-la nas nossas redes sociais Fórum : https://forums.poscon.net/forum/117-general-discussion/ Discord: https://discord.poscon.net/Portugal Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFVYmjwZXDVW7oH3i7rIBLA Este post será actualizado à medida que sejam abertas mais plataformas. Obrigado.
  19. Após terem sido feitas algumas correcções pelo Fábio Martins, o link da textura foi actualizado.
  20. 2 downloads

    Inside of the zip file you can find: - Livery - How to install in Portuguese and English - History about "Brites de Almeida" (name of the aircraft) in Portuguese and English. This livery is for PMDG B738 Winglets and work in FSX and P3D. Livery developed by: Luis Gouveia and Gonçalo Santos Updated by: Fábio Martins Submitted by: Gonçalo Santos (POSCON Portugal member)
  21. Hey there, I don't know if this would help but i use to control Ground/Tower for 5 years on Falcon Bms/DCS online, Used to train people on online environment (Milsim and stuff like that squad/arma 3) been a wild ride hope i could be any help and i can speak 5 languages if translation is a thing in Poscon i speak Arabic,French,English,Portuguese,Learning Chinese (Putonghua)
  22. if anyone could join Vietnam division that's is great to help for controlling my home country
  23. our club division needs more people to be a guest controller 1. Have a POSCON account 2. connect POSCON Account to official POSCON discord server 3. once you do all 2 steps above join official Vietnam Division 4.enter official POSCON vietnam Discord server i hope you guys join our division as soon as possible
  24. No, ya no permitimos que los miembros creen servidores de discordia para POSCON. Solicite que se cree en # division-chat de POSCON Public Discord.
  25. Eso te decía. ¿Quieres que cree el servidor Argentino ya que se llevarlo y demás?
  26. Excelente. ¿Ya está publicado el Discord? No logro encontrarlo en la división del discord de POSCON.
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