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    Hello everyone, My name is Oshane Dawkins and I live near KPNE, and about 30 mike from KPHL. I enjoy flying airliners from the a320 to the B77F. I have been flight simming for about a year and a half and am in attending school to obtain my PPL, IR, and CPL with the dream of becoming a 777 Captain for American Airlines.
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    Dear all POSCON member , On behalf of Poscon Taiwan Division , we are please to announcement our new discord server welcome everyone join our discord (Taiwan Division Discord ) Cheers , Benson Wong Alpha Tester | PositiveControl(POSCON)LLC. Division Founder | Hong Kong ,China,Taiwan, Malaysia Division Helper | Korean,Japan,Indonesia
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    POSCON malaysia Division Discord come to join us link: MALAYSIA DISCORD Benson Wong -----Division Helper
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    I am very happy to see other division in the Asian region light up . If you are interested, please join us .Indonesia division already upload the SOP and SECTOR
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    that discord server are not longer available , if you want to join discord you're welcome to join u s(hong kong division discord ) Korean division are in our sub channel
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    International Virtual Aviation Organization - Taiwan division SOP (English).pdf 國際虛擬航空組織-台灣分部SOP(中文版).pdf
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    맨위에 제가 글 올렸던 Discord 는 삭제해서 접속 불가합니다~ 차후에 정식으로 지부가 생기거나 적어도 베타 테스트에 포함될때 다시 만들겠습니다~ 미리 공지 안하고 삭제한거라서~ 아무튼 죄송합니다 ^^ 감사합니다.

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