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    Hello! I'm Josef! KPHL Got into flight sim 2-3 years ago, currently using x-plane 11. I'm definitely on the younger side, and I'm currently and AS3 on IVAO, I control mainly Kennedy, and I fly all over the world, I look forward to this network which seems to bring some amazing features!
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    Hi my name is Richard and I have been into aviation (plane spotting) for many years. I still remember as if it was yesterday my dad taking me down to heathrow and the queens building to watch the planes on the weekends. That was almost 30 years ago luckily I still have my dad but the queens building has long gone. I have been into sims for a few years starting with Microsoft 2004 until last year when I went to x-plane 11 and have not looked back. I am new to vatsim and Have done a few flights. I have had both good and bad times with it as some of my flights I feel that some people don't have time for new online low airtime people. I do all my sids and stars and like to follow real time procedures. If I do not fly with vatsim I use fscloud as I do like to fly with others as it gives a better experience. I am looking to the future with a new online atc network. Thanks for looking at my post and fly save. Richard.
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    I have always loved aviation since childhood. My dad used to take me to the airport on Saturday mornings for breakfast and we would watch the general aviation aircraft at our small local airport. I was given a flight lesson for my 16th birthday and was hooked for life. Got a PPL in the late 80's and was working on my commercial/instrument ratings when I stopped. Life got in the way and I'm older now but aviation is still my passion! Looking forward to a new online network! Jim aka Jimbob
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    There is any client by Poscon for FS2004 or FS9 user? Thank You
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    Hello everyone! William WIII-Soekarno Hatta International Airport Gotta love vfr flying around Bali! A happy Logitech 3d extreme pro user
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    Forgot to mention.... I live right between KCVG and KDAY. My local is KHAO and in flight school our school airport was 8B1. :)
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    Hello, Matthew (Ning) Everyone calls me, Ning! EGLL I have been using flight sims since 2000, 18 years later I'm still going but now on X-Plane 11. I fly the Zibo, FF 767, 757, some GA Aircraft. Waiting for full release of FF A320. I would like to stick around with POSCON and take the training etc, and help out as much as I can. Ning
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    Hello, everyone! Skyeler RPLL I enjoy flying the RPLL-VHHH/VHHX flight with a freeware Concorde (because the aircraft can be set up quickly,) and the RPLL-RPVE flight (because I created my own (not so realistic but it has marshallers) RPVE scenery) with a FlightFactor A320 (because, realism) I also use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick (can’t find anything else in Manila)
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    @Greg Swagler In order for your idea to work, I personally would want a PMDG AI model package to be free. The reason: PMDG does not have enough models to create a comprehensive package. What COULD be a good idea is to package all the study level aircraft models into one large payware package, but that would require an incredible amount of consensus and agreement among developers. Not sure any of them ever agreed on so much before. ?
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    Don't let the door hit you....

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