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  • What is a Division?

    A Division is defined as a group of members that are officially recognized by POSCON for the purpose of conducting certain special aviation-related activities on the Positive Control Network. Examples include, but are not limited to, regional air traffic control divisions and specialty pilot divisions.

    When there is an operational need, Divisions can be further divided into "Sub-Divisions" in order to focus the specialization.

  • Forming a Division

    A Division or Sub-Division may be formed only if a majority of POSCON Directors agree that the Division or Sub-Division is operationally necessary. For example, if the Division would only consist of one member, then it would not be deemed as operationally necessary.

    POSCON has a backlog of Division and Sub-Division creation requests. Once the backlog is cleared, the Director of Operations will take additional requests, but not until then.

    The best way to get your favorite Division or Sub-Division considered for creation is to help develop facility data. If you want to get involved in facility data development, please email [email protected]poscon.net.

    The member or members who help develop facility data will not automatically be given leadership roles, but their opinion of who should be in charge will be highly considered. Please see "Division Leadership" for the policy on how leadership roles are chosen.

  • Division Leadership

    All POSCON Divisions are overseen by the Director of Operations. Air Operations Managers, who report directly to the Director of Operations, oversee groups of Divisions with similar regional, operational, and/or training characteristics. Division Managers, who report to their respective Air Operations Manager, oversee any applicable Sub-Divisions.

    Division Managers are chosen based on three things:

    1. Merit - How much has the candidate contributed to the development of the Division?
    2. Personality - How likable is the candidate? Are they respected by their peers? Can they communicate and work well with a team?
    3. Availability - How much time can the candidate dedicate to this position?

    Please do not email POSCON staff asking to be a Division Manager without first demonstrating the three basic requirements listed above. The best way to demonstrate these requirements is to contribute to facility data development. As mentioned above, if you are interested in helping with facility data development, please email [email protected]poscon.net.

    Within a Division, there are positions for Flight Instructor, ATC Instructor, Events Coordinator, Facility Specialist, and Military Leader. All these positions report directly to the Division Manager, but also communicate and coordinate with their respective Network Managers regarding Network sanctioned initiatives.


  • Division Websites


  • Sub-Division Websites


  • Approved POSCON Divisions & Sub-Divisions


  • Division ATC Sector Restrictions

    Divisions may request, and POSCON may approve, any sector within a Division to be marked as restricted. Once a sector is marked as restricted, the POSCON servers will only allow ATC users with the explicit authorization to Sign-In to that sector.

    Both the Director of Training and the Director of Operations need to approve sector restrictions. A Division must demonstrate that a user can achieve the sector authorization through training in a reasonable timeframe before any sector restriction shall be approved.

    Considerations for a sector restriction may be:

    • Complexity of airspace
    • Volume of traffic
    • Complex procedures

    From time to time, the Director of Training and Director of Operations may audit sector restrictions to determine if the restriction is still warranted. As with the approval of a sector restriction, both the Director of Training and Director of Operations must unanimously agree that the restriction is not warranted for it to be removed.

  • Division Discords

    A Division Discord server is a place for POSCON members to engage with other members within their community. Every POSCON Division must have an associated Discord server. A list of POSCON Division Discord servers can be found by clicking here. Many of these Discords were created before the Division has actually been approved. The only place to find which Divisions have been officially approved and recognized by POSCON is on this page under "Approved POSCON Divisions" section.

    Ownership of all Division Discord servers resides with Andrew Heath, the President of POSCON Inc. or his designee. The Director of Operations is responsible for maintaining all Division Discord servers. All policies outlined in the POSCON Policy Index shall apply to Division Discord servers at all times.

    Division Discord servers can only host the following BOT(s).

    • POSCON Sentinel 

    Channels, roles, and permissions in all servers are maintained by the Director of Operations. No changes shall be made to the server without prior approval of the Director of Operations.

    All server channel names shall be in English and everyone must use English to communicate with each other. For non-English speaking members, channels may be created for the native Division language, but these channels must be approved by the Director of Operations.

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