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ATS Air Traffic Service
Feedback A method of leaving positive or negative comments about another POSCON member's conduct or performance on the network.
Live Mode A connected server mode that allows a user to be an active participant. In this mode, a user is visible and unmuted to all other users.
Moderator A member of the POSCON staff that serves as the "judge" of the feedback and determines what to do about it.

The user submitting feedback about another user.

Receiver The user receiving feedback.


Submitting feedback is never required but is highly recommended as it helps in the learning and development process of the POSCON membership.

Here are some example scenarios when submitting feedback may be warranted:

  • If you feel a pilot or air traffic controller lacks knowledge critical to their position or rank.
  • If a pilot or air traffic controller is transmitting non-critical information on a frequency that is designated for air traffic services only.
  • If you feel that an air traffic controller is overwhelmed and loses positive control of a situation.
  • If a controller or pilot is not communicating properly or is not following specified procedures.
  • And most importantly, don’t forget to leave positive feedback when someone did a good job!



All feedback is de-identified prior to the Receiver seeing the result.

Users may only submit feedback about a member who they directly interacted with while connected to POSCON in the Live mode. In other words, users may not submit feedback as a 3rd party to a situation or on behalf of someone else.

Feedback must be submitted within 24 hours of an incident or it is automatically discarded.

Only four feedbacks may be submitted by the same user in a 24 hour period and they must be related to different users.

At all times, feedback submissions should remain constructive even when the feedback you are submitting is negative about another user. The primary goal of the feedback system is to re-enforce learning. If the feedback is deemed vindictive or overly negative by the Moderator, the feedback will be discarded.

Feedback must be warranted. If the Moderator deems the feedback is lacking substance, the feedback will be discarded.

Trolling of another member using the feedback system is strictly prohibited. We take feedback very seriously and any abuse of the system will result in a permanent ban.

If three highly-rated POSCON users (above TBD points) submit negative feedback ("Poor" or "Terrible" rating) about a user within a 24 hour period about a user, then the user is automatically suspended for 24 hours without any Moderator judgment necessary.


Once feedback is submitted, Moderators have control over the content passed onto the receiving user. Moderators may modify the submitted summary in order to turn the situation learning experience for the receiving user.

Moderators have control to change a submitted feedback rating. If they deem the submitter was at fault for a particular situation, they may deduct points from the submitter as a result of the feedback submission.

Moderators may assign training as a result of submitted feedback; in this case, that training is mandatory prior to connecting to the Live server again and no points will be received from taking it.


All received feedback can be appealed by a user. If appealed, the feedback is elevated to the POSCON Director level for disposition. If the Director deems the appeal was unjustified, points may be deducted from the user in order to discourage unwarranted appeals in the future.

Feedback Review Process


  • Updated: November 6th, 2019

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