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  • The following rules apply to all members of the POSCON Network:

    In general, membership of POSCON is governed by a set of shared member expectations based on core values. In other words, we rely on the fact that people generally know what right and wrong are. POSCON expects members, whenever they are communicating on any part of the network, to act within the confines of the network’s shared values:

    • Mutual respect
    • Responsibility and accountability
    • Empathy and courtesy
    • Honesty

    If you are posting on the forums, you need to comply with these basic guidelines.

    POSCON membership is a privilege, NOT a right. This is not a public utility, and members do not have any special, government-issued rights. Other than avoiding cases of discrimination, POSCON has no special responsibility when it comes to allowing members access to the network.

    It's that simple. Behave or be gone.

  • Updated: November 5th, 2019

    Changes: None; initial release.


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