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  1. Dear all POSCON member , On behalf of Poscon Taiwan Division , we are please to announcement our new discord server welcome everyone join our discord (Taiwan Division Discord ) Cheers , Benson Wong Alpha Tester | PositiveControl(POSCON)LLC. Division Founder | Hong Kong ,China,Taiwan, Malaysia Division Helper | Korean,Japan,Indonesia
  2. POSCON malaysia Division Discord come to join us link: MALAYSIA DISCORD Benson Wong -----Division Helper
  3. I am very happy to see other division in the Asian region light up . If you are interested, please join us .Indonesia division already upload the SOP and SECTOR
  4. that discord server are not longer available , if you want to join discord you're welcome to join u s(hong kong division discord ) Korean division are in our sub channel
  5. Over this few months, I would please to announce we will have a new era for POSCON Hongkong Division. We got support from IVAO HK staff team. We hope to meet all the requirements and let us enter to beta. **Thanks to Jacky wan, Garw Law POSCON HK Division volunteer Team
  6. it is great to see another Asia division active
  7. Dear all fellow members , we need to prepare the sector and SOP for the korea division , if someone want to help or have any idea please don't hesitate to pm me for more information thanks Benson Wong
  8. @Andrew if didn't have any sop that mean cant to release the division at beta ? even have enough member
  9. china airspace sop and sector creations we need your help ! if interest just pm me !
  10. @Andrew if you don't mine please also send one to me thanks

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