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      Welcome to the POSCON/ADX Forum!   08/22/2017

      Hello and welcome to the Positive Control and AirDailyX joint web forum! As promised on AirDailyX.net, this forum is the first of many additions that aim to change ADX from the "insolent European/American FS news breaker" into a true flight simulation community. A new company called Positive Control (POSCON for short) has taken over operations at ADX to help facilitate this objective. Who and what is Positive Control? POSCON is a group of aviation professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts who intend to advance the simulation community to its full potential. We plan on providing users with a network and user interface that adhere to the technological capabilities of this decade. Our mission is to foster a realistic simulation environment through the use of network integration, automation and training incentives. In keeping to our company's mission of providing the most realistic and modern simulation network available, our team has been carefully selected and consists of professionals within their respective fields. These professionals include real pilots, ATC, investment bankers, retired professors, and journalists. How does this relate to AirDailyX? It is quite simple, ADX has an amazing following of very passionate individuals. By generating discussions, getting user feedback, and working with flight simulation developers, we will be able to create the biggest and most influential platform that the flight simulation community has ever seen.
    • Andrew

      Join POSCON/ADX at FlightSimExpo 2018!   12/09/2017

      Interest in the first annual FlightSimExpo has taken off – with more than 25 organizations expressing initial commitment to making the new event in Las Vegas a huge success. Interested attendees are encouraged to follow the conference on Twitter (@FlightSimExpo) and ‘like’ the conference on Facebook (facebook.com/FlightSimExpo) to stay up to date.
      LAS VEGAS – December 8 – FlightSimExpo 2018, a new, community-driven flight simulation conference, will be held the weekend of June 9-10, 2018 at Flamingo Las Vegas Resort. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and minutes from the airport, Flamingo Las Vegas Resort has newly-renovated rooms, modern meeting space, a great rewards program, and features a Caribbean-style water park and tropical wildlife habitat.
      FlightSimExpo 2018 will feature a variety of interactive exhibits, and a host of educational and informative seminars from professionals across the aviation and flight simulation industries. In addition, there will be social events after conference hours for networking and connecting with other simulation enthusiasts, aviation professionals, and developers from across the simulation industry.
      The conference was formed by a group of community organizers from Boston Virtual ARTCC who have years of experience in flight simulation, aviation, and event planning. FSExpo plans to bring simulation enthusiasts, current and former aviation professionals, and anyone else who has an interest in flight simulation or aviation together to witness the advances and developments within the industry. This conference is truly community-driven: the venue, host city, and activities have all been determined by feedback from the community and developers. Early support from Orbx, X-Plane, and the new AirDailyX team helped make this event into a reality. At AirDailyX, we are proud to announce that as official sponsors of this event, we will stream live from several locations across the event and allow our viewers across the world to not only watch live but also participate in the different conferences and Q&A sessions. This event is going to be very special as we will host the Positive Control team to reveal ground-breaking developments and achievements to enhance the flight simulation industry.  We encourage everyone to participate in the planning of the conference by joining in discussions that will take place in a FlightSimExpo forum to be hosted on the new AirDailyX forum. That will be released along with our brand new web site in the upcoming days. Stay tuned for more information on these exciting developments! Early bird registration will start at just $50 for the weekend, and a 3-night stay at the FlightSimExpo special event rate will be approximately $135/night, including all taxes and fees.
      Visit www.flightsimexpo.com for more information about the event and venue. Interested attendees are also encouraged to follow FSExpo on Twitter (@FlightSimExpo) and like the conference on Facebook (facebook.com/FlightSimExpo) for updates.


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  1. Hey guys! Join AirDailyX on it's first group flight from Miami to LaGuardia on February 15th, 2018! The flight will have ATC at Miami and New York and will have raffles for ImagineSim's LaGuardia scenery which is going to be updated! Go ahead and sign-up for the group flight using this Google Form and join us for some fun flying and cool streams! Go ahead and join us on Discord to chat and have a chance at winning the new scenery! More information is available here! So come out and join us to help make this the biggest group flight yet!
  2. Welcome! Let’s become friends

    Hello all, Prithvi Shivaraman I'm from Chantilly VA and fly out of Leesburg (KJYO). I enjoy flying commercial jets on VATSIM and participating in busy events. I pretty much fly everything from the DH8D to the B744 and from X-Plane 11 to P3D v4! Unlike @Andrew I don't annoy @Nico and enjoy doing group flights with him! In fact group flights are one of my favorite things about VATSIM! I also control at ZNY and like a lot of event level traffic. Additionally, I am a FAA Private Pilot IRL and training for my instrument! My goal is to become a professional airline pilot, and hopefully someday that will be a dream come true!
  3. UGGT Telavi Mimino

    Nice work! Looks good! I will be taking a look at this soon!
  4. A320 Flaps 2 landing

    Yeah, I've never seen A320 pilots use Config 2. Usually the Airbus pilots will use Config 3 for strong winds or extreme conditions, but Config Full otherwise.
  5. A Study Level E190

    They aren't to the level that I would like them. Their systems, models, and textures have left a lot to be desired. It would be nice to see someone like FF or even FlightSimLabs attempt this at study level quality.
  6. A Study Level E190

    And I'd be down to help in any way I could! I could help with systems as well as some modeling. I would really love to get a study level E-Jets series in either P3D or X-Plane, or better: Both!
  7. Departure SID

    I believe it does supersede the SID, but the controller can always tell you to join the SID later on. DK, you probably know the actual answer though

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