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Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath

Owner & Founder

Andrew is a career pilot at a major US-based airline. He holds multiple type ratings including BE1900, EMB135/EMB145, E170/E190, B757/B767, and A319/20/21. Andrew has been a member, manager, and supervisor on online networks for over 20 years.

Matt B. (1011215)

Matt Bromback

Managing Director

Matt is a career pilot at a major US-based airline. He is typed and current on the B737 and holds additional type ratings on the EMB135/EMB145, E170/E190, and DC-9. He is a long time flight simmer and online network participant for over 20 years. He loves mentoring to inspiring pilots and other careers into the aviation industry.

Mathieu L. (1017001)

Mathieu Laflamme

Director of Operations & Support

Mathieu is an Operations Coordinator for a major regional airline in Canada. He holds a degree in management and is currently working on getting his Commercial pilot license. Mathieu is always looking to expand his knowledge and share his passion about aviation to others.

Mahmoud F. (1000003)

Mahmoud Fadli

General Counsel

Mahmound is an associate attorney at Coddington, Hicks & Danforth which specializes in aviation and business law. He has been a member of online networks and has managed Arabian Airlines for almost 20 years. He is a real world pilot and aviation enthusiast.





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