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Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath

Owner & Founder

Andrew is a career pilot at a major US-based airline. He holds multiple type ratings including BE1900, EMB135/EMB145, E170/E190, and B757/B767. Andrew has been a member, manager, and supervisor on online networks for almost 20 years.

Mahmoud F. (1000003)

Mahmoud Fadli

General Counsel

Mahmound is an associate attorney at Coddington, Hicks & Danforth which specializes in aviation and business law. He has been a member of online networks and has managed Arabian Airlines for almost 20 years. He is a real world pilot and aviation enthusiast.

Divya Patel

Divya Patel

Director of Operations

Divya is an engineer and design lead in the Vertical Lift division of the Boeing company. He is originally from India and moved to USA to pursue a career in aviation. He has been involved in the flight sim community for over 10 years and has served in various leadership positions with other online networks.

Zachary Woock

Zachary Woock

Director of Network Training

Zach is a career pilot and flight instructor currently employed at a major US-based regional airline. In the past, he worked as a flight instructor, ferry pilot, and King Air corporate pilot. He is currently a CRJ Captain and a professional career mentor for new pilots and Captains. 

Michael R

Mike Read

Director of Marketing

Mike is a highly motivated and organized project manager. He has over 10 years of experience in the entertainment business that spans across both Music and Video Games. His specialty is helping creatives and technicals keep on track and accomplish their goals with the highest quality output under tight deadlines.

Joseph Pentz

Joseph Pentz

Director of Support

Joe is an AudioVisual Systems Engineer at a major US-based AV Integration company. He has been an aviation enthusiast since he was young and recently completed his Private Pilot training with a Complex/High Performance Endorsement. He also holds his Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor Certificates. He has multiple years of experience supporting various corporate levels including executives as well as end-users.


Jarrett I. (1016071)

Jarrett Iovine

Manager of Facility Development

Jarrett is a career airline pilot and flight instructor and has been involved in online networks for over 15 years. Originally from New Jersey, he has also lived in Iceland and Belarus in Europe where he studied and taught various languages and has always had a fascination with worldwide cultures, especially when it comes to aviation.

Matt B. (1011215)

Matt Bromback

Manager of VA & Special Operations

Matt is a career pilot at a major US-based airline. He is typed and current on the B737 and holds additional type ratings on the EMB135/EMB145, E170/E190, and DC-9. He is a long time flight simmer and online network participant for over 20 years. He loves mentoring to inspiring pilots and other careers into the aviation industry.

Development Team


Timothy Wong

Senior Developer - Servers

Ross Ca

Ross Carlson

Senior Developer - Clients

Gergely C.

Gergely Csernak

Senior Developer - Clients

Mark Ellis (1011000)

Mark Ellis

Senior Developer - Clients


Syam Haque

Senior Developer - Web

Alex Ying

Alex Ying

Senior Developer - Clients

Aaron F. (1017166)

Aaron Fankhauser

Senior Developer - Clients

Eamonn N. (1000004)

Eamonn Nugent

Systems Administrator

Giorgio B

Giorgio Bella

Senior Developer - Clients

Nedret Celik

Nedret Çelik

Junior Developer - Web

Guven S. (1015978)

Guven Sislioglu

Graphic Design

Sefa T. (1017998)

Sefa Tunçkanat

Junior Developer - Web

Theodore Messinezis

Theodore Messinezis

Junior Developer - Servers/Bots

Michael H. (1019565)

Michael Havidt

Junior Developer - Servers

Jeffory (1019919)

Jeffory Beckers

Model Asset Manager



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