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Thad W

D'Stream Requests

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I would love to see Drzewiecki's latest releases of Seattle's cityscape and the Seattle Airports.

Aerosoft's Anchorage P3Dv4 update would be great too.

A comparison of Orbx KSAN with Latin VFR's upgraded offering.

Orbx Half Moon Bay.

MK Studios Tenerife.

Any airport you feel worth doing a review on. Often times you reviewed airports I didn't even know were available and purchased after a great streaming review. Of course the commentary of the state of affairs and up and coming products from various developers is always welcome and very much appreciated. I feel a little in the dark since your last stream. :biggrin:

Cheers, Thad


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I would like to see a live stream of a few of, or maybe a mega stream of all of, Paulo Ricardo's excellent sceneries.

Also the new one by Jetstream Designs: Nantes Atlantique.

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A new one for you to do just appeared today D'Andre - Pacific Island Sim's Reno/Tahoe.


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