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Hi guys,

I discovered Poscon just 4 days ago, I'm very pleased to see this community that is gradually evolving. Personally I think that Poscon has an Enourmous potential in terms of realism, voice quality and lots of more features.

I would like to introduce you my idea of VCAAs and VATOs; of course in real life there's a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for each country (like ENAC for Italy or the UK CAA) wich monitors all the Flight Operations, Enroute Fees and everithing regarding Aviation, but this kind of enstablishment is not simulated in any Network. Poscon could implement these organizations to provide more adherence to the real Aviation world and ensure a better simulation environment.

Talking about the Flight Training I also think that Vatsim did a great job regarding VATOs, but in the real life each ATO (Approved Training Organization), depends directly  from the CAA that issues the Licence. In my opinion a correct Flight Training is crucial to provide a better realism to the network, I'm not Trying to force you to study, but I think that who wants to learn should have the necessary tools to recieve a good formation. 

Concretely Speaking, my target is to encourage primarely Poscon and then VATOs to transpose this concept. I'm also the Director of Tangosette AIR (Former as VATO) and my team also started developing a Global Administration System for Training Organizations wich includes 3 different platforms for both instructors and students.

Thank you for your time, I Hope you liked my idea.
Feel free to ask questions.
Best regards

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