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Here is a quick update on how our server update rate affects various aspects of the network... in this case multiplayer traffic.

When we started this project, our goal was to develop a server protocol that allowed for formation flying... we are getting really close to meeting that goal! See for yourself.


In demo #1, we were running the server on the same machine as the flight simulator, so it was a tad jittery.


In demo #2, we are showing how a multiplayer will look on landing.


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27 minutes ago, aeroniemi said:

Amazing, good enough to complain about the pilots (lack of) ability to stay on the centreline on takeoff, (and a tire blowout on landing?)


Or how about the tail strike on landing!?! To his credit, it looks like that Airbus was aft CG loaded.

Stay tuned, in the next few days we are gonna have a special demo for those military folks out there... hint hint


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I am pleased to report that we have tested formation flying on the cloud server and it works great! Stay tuned and we will have some demos in the next few days. @Axe

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Guest Axe

Great. I haven't forgotten the items that I promised to send you. Just been so darn busy. I'll get those to you here is a bit. @Andrew



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