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Not getting a squawk code in Cirrus

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My last two flights have been in a Cirrus SR22TN.  I wasn't able to get a squawk code for either one.  The first time I logged in as airplane code S22T (the proper ICAO code for this aircraft) and I thought maybe that designation is not in the POSCON database, so today I entered as an SR22, which I chose from the dropdown.  I never got a squawk code for either one.  Is it something about the Cirrus, or is it just me being an old guy and missing something obvious?  Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have the same problem. My last two flights, yesterday and today, flying with an A321, flight plan filled out correctly and I can't receive the squawk code.

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This is from our Discord where I addressed this very issue:


A lot of issues are coming in about not being able to receive a squawk code. A new server update was pushed a few nights ago that officially validates the Web UI > ATC > LOGON / STATUS > LOGON TO field and ensures it is a real FIR. The problem was, the database of valid FIRs was incomplete - I just fixed it this morning. Those who were having issues, please try again and this time use https://www.skyvector.com/ to validate the FIR you are in. For example, I filed a flight from VECC (FIR = VECF) to VABB (FIR = VABF). In this case, I would log into CPDLC using VECF. If my flight plan falls within the valid time window, then I will receive a CPDLC message from VECF. You can find the FIR name from browsing SkyVector (see the image below). NOTE: For any of the 48 contiguous United States, use "KUSA" instead of the FIR ID. As of this post, the error message does not work. If you put in bad data, it will return nothing.




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Sorry, I have  to warm this up, I am connected with a valid flightplan to LOVV - departing LOWW Vienna, no Squawk Code received 



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In earlier versions doing the "LOGON TO" was enough to receive the squawk --- but now with partly implemented CPDLC functions only doing "LOGON TO" won´t generate a squawk anymore, it just enables the blue/black buttons to grey/white buttons. To receive squawk, click on Clearance Request, and request clearance. Then you´ll receive a squawk, which you also should acknowledge with WILCO

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