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  1. i will test POSCON and even Vatsim with the AIG Traffic ( the whol OCI Bulk install) it coast me several Hours, but i give it a try. I report my conclusions later on.
  2. i am very disappointed, becouse the Model Matching technique is the same as vpilot. I hoped we get a Technique like Ivao´s MTL library. But with that Model Matching Techniqu its very difficult to generate a good and error-free traffic. And now, since FLAI is gone and out of service, i am unable to get any Traffic in the Sim. FLAI was not perfect in Vatsim at all, but a best effort to got traffic. AIG Traffic is not so userfrendly to get it matched with an online network, and need a massiv workflow and -load. At this Time, POSCON and even Vatsim is a great disa

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