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Frequently Asked Questions

Pilot Questions
Revision: 06 Dec 2021

 Q: What do I need to do in order to start flying on POSCON?

 Q: Where can I find documentation regarding the clients?

 Q: Is connecting with a callsign required? Where do I enter my callsign? How does the callsign logic work?

 Q: I filed a flight plan. Why don't I see the callsign I used in the flight plan form on the map?

 Q: Am I able to change my callsign without disconnecting?

 Q: Where do I file a flight plan on POSCON?

 Q: Can we import flight plans from SimBrief or other flight planning software?

 Q: Why don't I see my filed route on the map?

 Q: I got disconnected, how do I reactivate my flight plan so that my data is shown properly on the map?

 Q: Where do I download the multiplayer traffic library?

 Q: What is the UNICOM frequency? How do I find the CTAF frequency to use?

 Q: Why am I constantly auto ghosted while using X-Plane?

 Q: What if I don't know how to fill out an ICAO flight plan?

 Q: I don't like to use voice; where can I use text?

 Q: How can I casually chat with other pilots?

 Q: How can I register my Virtual Airline (VA)?

 Q: Will pilot ratings from other networks transfer when POSCON releases?

 Q: How does the flight plan system work?

 Q: How does the squawk code system work?

 Q: How does the callsign reservation system work?

 (TRIPS) Q: Is there a page to choose the Trip I want to do?

 (TRIPS) Q: How do I nominate an airport to be in the next Trip?

 (TRIPS) Q: I just completed a Trip while being ghosted and it did not count. How come?

 (TRIPS) Q: I was disconnected half way into my flight, what will happen now?


Technical Support Questions
Revision: 18 Dec 2021

 (GENERAL) Q: Where do I locate the log files at?

 (GENERAL) Q: How do I use Wireshark?

 (X-PLANE) Q: I keep getting the error: "POSCON was unable to take control of the X-Plane AI aircraft because of plugin: <plugin name> is controlling the AI aircraft. Your TCAS display will not represent POSCON traffic." How can I prevent this?

 (X-PLANE) Q: How do I ensure an add-on aircraft’s ICAO code is recognized by the POSCON plug-in?

 (FSX/P3D) Q: When flying in close proximity to other aircraft at high speeds (e.g. in formation), the aircraft next to me stutters back and forth rapidly. Is this normal?

 (FS2020) Q: Users seem to disappear randomly and never return, even though they report being right next to me.

 (FS2020) Q: A controller sends me a CPDLC message, I don't see the notification within my sim. How do enable these notifications?

 (VOICE) (FSX) (LAUNCHER) Q: My keyboard push-to-talk (PTT) button is not working.

 (VOICE) Q: When I transmit on POSCON, other users report that I sound like I am in a tin can and far away from the mic. How can I prevent this?

 (VOICE) Q: I am receiving an “Aura voice async exception: SoundIo out of memory” error. What does this mean?

 (VOICE) Q: Other pilots and ATC tell me that my audio transmissions sound scrambled or unreadable.

 (VOICE) Q: Are Bluetooth audio devices supported?

 (WEBSITE) Q: I am not receiving any emails from @POSCON.net, what should I do?

 (VOICE) Q: When I connect to POSCON, audio in other programs such is lowered by half. How can I prevent this? 


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