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Division page
Revision: 31 Dec 2021

This is the divisions page list. This page shows all the active and inactive divisions on the network. 


1. Overview This gives the main page of the division. You can scroll down to see Upcoming ATC and events within this division.

2. Community When clicking this option, it will redirect you to the division forum section.

3. News Compared to the section 7.4 above, this will give you news about the division and what's going on internally.

4. Events This is where you can find the list of all the events within this division.

5. Members This will give you the full list of all members registered within this division. You can switch on the top right Pilot/ATC to see members registered as a pilot in this division and who's registered as an Air Traffic Controller within that division.

6. Docs When clicking this option, it will redirect you to the forum in the documentation section of this division. This is where you'll find the division policies, SOP's and more.

7. Pilot/ATC numbers This will gives you the total number of members registered as a pilot and ATC in that division.

8. Join button You can click there to join the division as a pilot and if you select the option on the top right (number 10) you can switch and join the division as an Air Traffic controller.

9. Division discord You can click there if you wish to join the division discord server and wish to talk and exchange with members within the same division.

10. Pilot/ATC switch This option gives you the option to see either the Pilot side of things or the ATC sides of things.


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