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Revision: 12 Oct 2021

ERAM uses many symbols to signify different interactions with radar returns and data blocks. The following symbols should be committed to memory or else it will be hard to understand what the program is telling you.


Target Symbols
Revision: 18 Jan 2022

These symbols represent the actual radar return of an aircraft. When separation is applied, it needs to be applied from this symbol. These are the only implemented target symbols at this time:

Screenshot_2.png.70d7e71c6c8aaa942b7d4d16b8ac55dd.png - Uncorrelated Primary

The aircraft is squawking standby or their transponder is not turned on.

image.png.f42731c147ad8e83e304caedb5eeaff9.png - Correlated Primary  

The aircraft is squawking standby or their transponder is not turned on. The target was manually correlated to a flight plan.

Screenshot_3.png.3291cde9a52806c51da9d39b1004e943.png - Mode C Intruder (MCI)

The aircraft is squawking a code other than 1200 and is not tracked. Predictive conflict alerts are detected.

Screenshot_4.png.3dd446808c733b0399417fb0120a3de2.png - Code 1200 Target

The aircraft is squawking 1200. Only imminent conflict predictions are detected.

Screenshot_5.png.8b171099875dea3310dc134d2d388e10.png - Correlated Target

The aircraft is correlated to a flight plan and tracked.

Screenshot_6.png.2ed833ffcce89f81dbf91dddcc8f5936.png - Identing Target

The aircraft is using the ident button on their transponder.


Position Symbols
Revision: 12 Oct 2021

These symbols represent how ERAM is tracking a target. They are always used in conjunction with FDBs, LDBs, and E-LDBs which are described in detail in the next section.

Free Track - A target is tracked by ERAM, but is not flying along the entered route.


Flight Plan Aided Track (Flat Track) - A target is tracked by ERAM and is flying along the entered route within a default tolerance of +/- 5 nm.


Coast Track - No target is being tracked. The target is below radar coverage or has logged offline. ERAM will continue the track movement in the last known direction and speed before the target disappeared. This will occur for 5 minutes and then the system will automatically delete the coasting track.



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