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I keep getting the error: "POSCON was unable to take control of the X-Plane AI aircraft because of plugin: <plugin name> is controlling the AI aircraft. Your TCAS display will not represent POSCON traffic." How can I prevent this?
Revision: 10 Jan 2022

In order to prevent this, simply disable the conflicting plugin using the plugin manager in the X-Plane plugin menu. This is further explained in the X-Plane Pilot Client Manual under the section “Conflicting Clients”.


How do I ensure an add-on aircraft’s ICAO code is recognized by the POSCON plug-in?
Revision: 10 Jan 2022

Go to your add-on aircraft folder and open up the ACF File using a text editor. Search for “ICAO” and you will locate the line: “P acf/_ICAO XXXX” where XXXX is the 4-character ICAO code for the aircraft. If the ICAO code is not valid or does not exist, make the appropriate changes and then save the file.


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