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(FSX/P3D) When flying in close proximity to other aircraft at high speeds (e.g. in formation), the aircraft next to me stutters back and forth rapidly. Is this normal?
Revision: 10 Jan 2022

No, but it can be fixed! This is an issue with FSX/P3D and FPS. In order to see smooth fluid movements, you need lock to a frame rate that your machine can maintain consistently. To fix this:

  • Go to Options > Graphics > Display > Target Frame Rate
  • Set to whatever your system can handle (typically below 60 FPS). If you desire to leave it at unlimited, then you will continue to see shutters when in close proximity to other aircraft and operating at high speeds.

(FS2020) Users seem to disappear randomly and never return, even though they report being right next to me.
Revision: 10 Jan 2022

This is known issue with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and how it interacts with SimConnect (the API that feeds our software). Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about this issue until Microsoft/Asobo resolves the issue on their end with a patch. In order to verify that the error you are seeing is the same as the one described here, you must press Control + Shift + A and check the aircraft list to see if any aircraft are “Disabled”. If they are, then you have confirmed this bug. The only way to resolve it is to shutdown the FS2020 Pilot Client, restart, and reconnect to the network.


(FS2020) A controller sends me a CPDLC message, I don't see the notification within my sim. How do enable these notifications?
Revision: 10 Jan 2022

You need to have Software Tips turned ON in your FS2020 Assistance Options

  1. Open FS2020 settings
  2. Click on Assistance Options
  3. Click on NOTIFICATION to show all sub-menus
  4. Software Tips, ON
  5. You now will receive POSCON push notifications in your sim



(FSX/P3D) PTT won't work unless pilot client is in focus
Revision: 18 Jan 2022

If your PTT is not working when your simulator is in view this could be due admin level permissions on your PC. It is recommended that you do not run simulator, launcher or pilot client in admin mode. If you do start your simulator and launcher in admin mode you may have to keep pilot client "in focus" in order to transmit. 


(FS2020) While launching MSFS from the Launcher Client, I keep getting the error message: "Unhandled exception: Error creating window handle." What should I do?
Revision: 30 Jan 2022

(FSX/P3D) I receive the error: "No supported flight simulators were detected!" How do I fix it?
Revision: 31 May 2022

Typically this error looks something like this:


In order to solve this issue, open the Windows Registry Editor and create the folder and path as shown:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\FlightSimulator.exe



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