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Feedback & Reporting Questions

Q: How many feedbacks per day can I file?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: You are limited to filing three (3) feedbacks per day on POSCON and they all must be about different members.


Q: What happens when I submit a feedback? Does the person know it was me?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: No, filing feedback is completely anonymous, except to the Moderators and Network Directors. Moderators and Directors can see who submits a feedback along with other details about the situation when it was filed. Moderators' standard process before posting feedback to a user's profile is to inspect the feedback for legitimacy and accuracy. In some cases, your feedback can be modified so that the summary is constructive. In addition, the rating can be adjusted accordingly.


Q: I do not agree with a Moderator's decision, what can I do?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: Everyone makes mistakes, including our Moderators. Sometimes there is more to a situation than what was said on frequency or what the scope showed, and we understand that. POSCON has an appeal process for these types of cases.

NOTE: The appeal process should not be abused. If you constantly appealing our decisions, you will receive a point loss for false reporting.

The appeal process is simple: if you disagree with a POSCON feedback or decision against you, you are able to appeal the decision to the POSCON Network Directors. In your appeal, you must include all details of the case and why you feel that it was an unfair or incorrect judgment. The Director of Support will initially review the case, speak with the respective Moderator to find out why they made the decision they did, and then bring the case to the other Network Directors for a vote. If the Network Directors agree to overturn the case, your account status and POSCON points will return to where they were before the case was created. If the Network Directors decide that the original verdict is the right one, your account status and POSCON points will not be adjusted.


Q: How does POSCON deal with trolling?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: Trolling exists in any online multiplayer game and it is no different in flight simulation. In Controlled Airspace (see Pilot Policies for definition), POSCON has implemented a system where ATC have the ability to ghost aircraft that are not in compliance with instructions or policy; we call this feature the “Compliance Timer”. How it works is if a user is trolling, ATC can use a tool to ghost the user. As long as the user remains in Controlled Airspace, the user can only unghost when approved by ATC.

If you are in Uncontrolled Airspace (see Pilot Policies for definition) and are encountering a troll in the Live mode, you should:

  1. Go to the Live Map in HQ.
  2. Click on their aircraft.
  3. Choose the REPORT option.
  4. Fill out the comments section and be as detailed as possible and click SUBMIT.

Once you submit the report (i.e. sometimes referred to as WALLOP), our Moderators and Director of Support are sent an email alert about the incident. Our Moderators can immediately look at the Live Map and/or radar scope, along with tuning to the frequency to monitor the situation. The Moderators have two options:

  1. They can kick the reported user off of the network immediately; or
  2. They can force ghost the reported user. If a user is force ghosted by a Moderator, they are unable to unghost until they communicate with the Moderator via their pilot client and the issue is resolved.

Q: What is the difference between Feedback and Reporting, and which should I use?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: Feedback is when you have comments about a user and/or their performance, good or bad, that you think they should know about. These comments should always remain constructive in nature.

Reporting is when you have an issue with another member that is ruining your experience on the network, causing a break in your immersion or is just a general nuisance. Reporting should only be used when an issue requires immediate attention from a Moderator. Abuse of the reporting system will result in loss of POSCON points and, in rare cases of consistent abuse, possible administrative action on your account.


Q: What can I expect if I report another user?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: If you report a user, typically a Moderator will tune to the frequency and announce themselves in the following fashion:

"American 123, this is Positive Control Moderator 1320392, please respond to this transmission."

Regardless of the pilot's response, or lack thereof, the Moderator will announce:

"American 123, you are in violation of POSCON Pilot Policy. You are now being ghosted, please await communication to your pilot client"

The Moderator will then ghost the aircraft and begin to work the issue without disrupting the ongoing network activities.


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