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Pilot Resources


Introduction & Access
Revision: 02 Feb 2022

This is a repository for pilot users to reference when operating into and out of certain regions of the world. Unlike other repositories that require staff access to edit (e.g. Policies, Support, etc.), the Pilot Resources repository is open for all members to contribute to. All POSCON members have the same access to view the documents within this repository, but some roles have more access to edit/modify than others. Here is an overview of the access:

For now now, everyone has access to everything but "Overview" and "Map"

POSCON Members

  • Can view all documents within the repository
  • Can edit all Reference Guides
  • Can edit any document in "General" other than "Overview" and "Map"

POSCON Controllers

  • Can view all documents within the repository
  • Can edit both Airport Briefing sections and Reference Guides
  • Can edit any document in "General" other than "Overview" and "Map"

All new documents within this repository have to be started by a staff member (Manager or Director). If you want to start a document, please create as section here: https://forums.poscon.net/docs/pilots/general/notices/


Points Earning Potential
Revision: 02 Feb 2022

Members who contribute to the Pilot Resources Repository can earn points.

Those users who make meaningful contributions to an existing section or add a new section will get a minimum of 25 Quality Points added to their rank per contribution. "Meaningful" is a subjective term and will be determined on a case by case basis by the POSCON Directors. Those users who create full documents with little help from other users will get a minimum of 150 Quality Points added to their rank per document created.

If the POSCON staff has to make major edits to your contribution, it will void the points earning potential. Basically, keep your grammar tight and your information correct!


Content Policy
Revision: 03 Feb 2022

Content that users contribute to this repository must comply with the POSCON Content Guidelines and all other POSCON Policies.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Do not post content that you cannot call your own work.
  • Do not post copyrighted material.
  • Once you post your work on POSCON resources, your intellectual property rights will be relinquished to the POSCON, Inc. In other words, if you one day get upset and ask us to remove your work, we are going to tell you to go pound sand.

Any abusers of the system (e.g. trolling of the wiki) will be permanently banned from POSCON.


Important Information

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