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OJAM / ADJ - Amman Civil Airport (Amman, JO)

Revision: 03 Mar 2022

Overview. Amman Civil Airport (IATA: ADJ, ICAO: OJAM) (Arabic: مطار عمان المدني, commonly known as Marka Civil Airport, is an unscheduled airport located in Marka district, Greater Amman Municipality, Jordan, some 5 km (3.1 mi; 2.7 NM) north-east of Amman city center. After being the city's main airport from 1950 until 1983, there are no scheduled commercial passenger flights at the airport anymore. However, it still serves as Amman's main airport for general aviation, and moreover as an aviation education and training hub, and also sees freight operations. It serves as the home base for Arab Wings and Jordan International Air Cargo.

Runway Use. 24 is the runway usually used since it is the only one that has an ILS (Instrument Landing System) however, a visual or RNAV approach can be conducted at runway 06.

Transponder use on Ground. Traffic should squawk their assigned code and turn the transponder on when entering the departure runway.

Scenery. Amman-Marka has some add-on sceneries that can be used by pilots. Default sceneries might have some wrong/missing taxiways and stands.

             FSX/P3D/MSFS Approved Scenery
                              PROJECT MAX

Charts. Charts can be accessed from several providers on the internet.

Uncontrolled Operations. When POSCON ATC is offline, the following frequencies should be used:

                         Station                  VHF Frequency
                           CTAF                         118.100




Terminal and Ramp Area
Revision: 02 Mar 2022

Terminal Layout.










Gates Assignment. Civil Jets shall park at the Terminal. Cargo Jets shall park at the Cargo Apron, other training jets can park at the academy hangers.

Start-up Clearances. Aircraft should squawk their designated code and ask for start-up. ATC might give taxi instructions with the start-up clearance since all stands don't require push-back.

General Aviation. GA flights are certainly the only type done at the civil part of the airport. Most of the parking spots are reserved for GA jets.

Pushback and Startup. Stands at OJAM do not require push-back since it's a straight taxi-out procedure. When ready, request start up from ATC, when completed, taxi can be requested.


Flight Plan and Departure
Revision: 09 May 2022


Taxi Procedures. Traffic usually exit the ramp and use either A1 if departure is at runway 24, A2 for 06 departures.

ATC Procedures.

Initial climb for all SIDs from OJAM is FL150.

        AMT                  Amman Tower       118.100
         AA                 Amman Approach       128.900

De-icing Procedures. Nil

Noise Abatement Procedures. Aircraft of AUW more than 5700 KGS departing from Amman-Marka RWY 24 shall
Climb with take-off thrust to 4,000 FT at V2 + 10KT, At 4,000 FT QNH reduce to climb thrust and continue at V2 +
10KT. At 5,500, FT QNH accelerates to normal climbing speed.

Traffic landing RWY 06 and departing RWY 24 shall avoid Royal Palace and Broadcast Station


Arrival Procedures
Revision: 03 Mar 2022

Arrival Routes. All ACFT landing at OJAM shall expect radar vectors to the final approach path.

Speed Restrictions. Unless approved by ATC, all aircraft below 10,000FT shall not exceed 250 KTS IAS.

Missed Approaches. Traffic are required to maintain runway heading and climb up to 6,000FT unless instructed by ATC.

Clearing the runway. All ACFT landing should vacate the runway ASAP and pilots should inform ATC if unable.

ATC Procedures. Amman TMA has a lot of restricted areas and high terrain around the airport so pilots shall, at all times, follow ATC procedures.


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