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EHRD / RTM - Rotterdam The Hague Airport (Rotterdam, NL)

General Information
Revision: 30 Sep 2022

Overview. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is a regional airport, located very close to EHAM (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol).

Runway Use. Runway 24 is always in use with winds up to 6 knots. Runway 06 is only to be used when the windspeed exceeds 6 knots and the wind is optimal for runway 06.

Transponder. Leave the transponder on standby until you are approaching the runway. Switch transponder to TA/RA mode before entering the runway and switch it to standby when vacating the runway.

Common errors. The following errors have been recognized as common errors made by pilots on Rotterdam The Hague Airport:

  • Starting the initial turn too late after departure.
  • Entering runway at V3

Hotspots. None

Scenery. There are many addon sceneries available for Rotterdam The Hague Airport. If using FSX or P3D, we strongly recommend you download an addon scenery to inlcude the latest developements on the airfield. If you do not have downloaded an addon scenery, be sure to follow the taxi diagrams instead of the the taxiway signs in the simulator.

FSX/P3D Approved:

  • RD Presets EHRD (Payware P3D v5 only)
  • NL2000 EHRD (Freeware)

X-Plane 11 Approved:

  • RD Presets EHRD v2 (Payware)
  • Default

Uncontrolled Operations. The following frequencies should be utilized only when POSCON ATC is offline:

ATIS (Currently Offline):

  • Rotterdam Information: 128.565


  • 122.950

Ground Operations
Revision: 30 Sep 2022

Gate assignment. On Rotterdam The Hague Airport, you have free choice of gates if no ATC is available. Be aware that widebodies have to park at the A stands.


Revision: 30 Sep 2022


Initial Climb. 3000ft. When Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has 36R in use and Rotterdam The Hague Airport has 06 in use, the Initial Climb is 2000ft.

RTF. Rotterdam has non-standard departure RTF procedures. Start-up is requested before IFR clearence. Note that in the IFR clearence the runway isn't given as standard. It will only be given in case of a runway change between start-up and IFR clearence. Below is an example:

Plane: Rotterdam Delivery, TRA123, stand D2, information A, IFR to Paris Orly, request start-up
ATC: TRA123, Information A is correct, start-up approved, expect runway 24, QNH1013
Plane: Startup approved, runway 24, QNH1013, TRA123
ATC: TRA123, readback correct, report ready to copy clearence
Plane: Wilco, TRA123

Plane: TRA123, ready to copy clearence
ATC: TRA123, Cleared Paris Orly, WOODY2B departure, initial climb 3000ft, squawk 0140
Plane: Cleared Paris Orly, WOODY2B departure, initial climb 3000ft, squawk 0140, TRA123
ATC: TRA123, readback correct, for taxi contact Rotterdam Tower on 118.205
Plane: Tower on 118.205, TRA123


Revision: 30 Sep 2022

Arrival Clearence. When transfered to Amsterdam ACC(Amsterdam Radar), initial contact is restricted to AMSTERDAM RADAR + Callsign. At, or before, entering the Amsterdam Control Area, an arrival clearence will be issued containing:

  • Standard Arrival Route or direct route
  • Expected landing runway
  • Level instructions
  • Any other necessary instructions or information

Important Information

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