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Pilot Resources

KPHL / PHL - Philadelphia Intl. (Philadelphia, PA)

General - Emphasis Item(s)
Revision: 08 Sep 2021

Runway/Taxiway Restrictions

Runway Restriction:

  • Runway 08/26 takeoff and landings prohibited.

Taxiway Restrictions:

  • Aircraft landing on runway:
    • 09L: do not turn left onto reverse high speed taxiways
    • 27L: do not turn right onto reverse high speed taxiways
  • Wide-body aircraft are restricted from taxiing on taxiway J between taxiways Q and K3 (spots 7 and 9).
  • Note: PHL Division of Aviation approves wide-body aircraft to be pushed on taxiway J and released at the east hold line of Spot 7 and taxi westbound.
  • Runway APPCH hold short lines and red signs are placed at certain taxiway locations where taxiing aircraft intercept the approach or departure path of a runway.
    • Example: taxiway Y, west of the arrival end of runway 09L.
  • If not told to hold short of a runway APPCH area, continue taxiing.

Ramp Control

Ramp primarily controls taxiway J (spots 2–15). Normal operating hours are 0545L to 2330L (times may be extended based on operating conditions). When ramp control is closed contact ground control for aircraft pushback or movement.

All cross bleed starts above idle must be accomplished at a release line.


General - Miscellaneous
Revision: 08 Sep 2021

Ferry Flights

For ferry flights related to the PHL hangar see the 10-7ZM series pages.

Cargo Only Flights

Hard stands 1 – 4 may be used, see 10-7ZM-2 series pages.


Arrival - Approach(es)
Revision: 08 Sep 2021



Arrival - Arrival(s)
Revision: 08 Sep 2021

Eastbound Arrivals

After landing, remain with assigned ATC frequency. Contact ramp only when instructed.


Arrival - Taxi
Revision: 08 Sep 2021


Contact ramp control prior to entering ramp.

There are multiple ramp entry points with multiple hold spots. Stop at the assigned spot unless otherwise directed.

Taxiway J

Do not taxi along service road which runs parallel to taxiway J.


Arrival - Gate
Revision: 08 Sep 2021

Caution: Concourse A west, gates A15 through A26 are equipped with Aircraft Docking System (ADS). After initialization, a guide person will provide guidance up to the aircraft stopping point, including an emergency stop function to back up the ADS. Wing walkers will provide initial wing tip clearance. The guidance system does not ensure the gate area is clear of obstructions, and parking is prohibited if ground equipment is observed within the painted obstacle-free areas per the Clean Ramp Policy. Refer to FOM> Parking> General> Clean Ramp Policy for more information.

Special Procedures


  • Caution: Be aware of jet blast at adjacent gates.
  • Caution: Turns into gate C22 are more than 90° and require overshooting turn.
  • Caution: Gates C23 and C25: If guideperson is not in position, stop perpendicular to the gate and do not turn in.
  • Caution: Due to the location of gate identifier signs, it is possible to miss the lead-in lines on gates B7, B9, C27, and C29. Approach these gates slowly and if an overshoot occurs, stop the aircraft and contact ramp control for instructions.
  • Parking in alleyways. Remain on centerline when taxiing into alleyways. Maintain sufficient momentum when turning in and parking using minimum thrust.
  • Gates B7, B9, and C29 Identifier Signs. Ensure you are lined up on the correct lead-in line.
    • B7 identifier sign is in line with the lead-in line, on top corner of the building.
    • B9 identifier sign is in line with the lead-in line on the side of the B7 jet bridge.
    • C29 identifier sign is in line with the lead-in line on top of the C27 jet bridge.

Hard Stands

  • Remote/overflow parking is located west of concourse A west. Hard stands are identified as H1, H2, H3, and H4. See page 10-7Z-2.
  • Expect crew/passengers to be transported to concourse A east by a Passenger Transport Vehicle (PTV).

Departure - Gate
Revision: 08 Sep 2021
  • Note: Early departures see General - Ramp Control for guidance.
  • Note: Gates in concourses A west and A east are common use, and the printer addresses listed on CCI may not be accurate. Confirm the printer address with the gate agent prior to printing paperwork using CCI.


Concourse A West/East, B, and C

  • Contact ramp control for pushback.
    • Aircraft will be pushed back and pulled forward to a release line.
  • Pushback crew will clear aircraft for engine start.

Hard Stands H1 – H4

  • Must contact ground prior to pushback.

Ready To Taxi

Contact ramp control for clearance to proceed to an assigned spot.


Departure - Takeoff
Revision: 08 Sep 2021

Revision: 08 Sep 2021

Revision: 08 Sep 2021

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