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KJFK / JFK - John F. Kennedy Intl. (New York, NY)

Revision: 02 Feb 2022


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Revision: 08 Sep 2021


The airspace surrounding New York City is one of the busiest in the world due to the close proximity of three major Class B airports (KJFK, KLGA, KEWR) and multiple high volume Class D and C airports. 30% of all air traffic operating in the United States originates or terminates in this area. The sheer volume, plus the close proximity of the airports, adds to the overall complexity of the airspace making it a challenge for pilots.

Surrounding Airports


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Pilots that are beginners should avoid operating into or out of KJFK due to the complex procedures often used.

The following have been recognized as common errors made by pilots while operating into and out of Kennedy:

  • Failure to communicate quickly and effectively.
  • On departure, failure to engage lateral navigation or initiate a turn to an assigned heading at 400 AFE.
  • Failure to fly the correct departure procedure or instruction.
  • Failure to set the correct altitude in the MCP.
  • Reducing speed without prior authorization.
  • Unable to properly fly unique approach procedures (e.g. VOR 13L/R, VOR/DME 22L)


Taxiway alignment is essential for wingtip clearance on ramps and taxiways.

There are various taxiway restrictions for large aircraft and large wingspans, see the airport diagram for more details.


There are multiple add-on sceneries available for Kennedy International. If using FSX/P3D, we strongly recommend that you download one because they incorporate recent taxiway changes that are not included in the default scenery. If you decide to fly with scenery not included in the approved list, then make every effort to follow the controllers’ instructions referencing the published taxiway diagrams.

  • FSX/P3D Approved: Drzewiecki Design has probably the most up-to-date Kennedy scenery. You can purchase it by clicking here.
  • X-Plane Approved: Default scenery included in updates. Drzewiecki Design also is up-to-date. You can purchase it by clicking here.

Revision: 08 Sep 2021

Uncontrolled Operations. The following frequencies should be utilized only when POSCON ATC is offline.


VHF Frequency

Kennedy ATIS (ARR/DEP)




Controlled Operations. Reference published charts.


Gates & Parking
Revision: 08 Sep 2021

Non-Movement Areas. All ramps, terminals, and cargo parking areas are controlled by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PA NYNJ) which is not currently simulated on POSCON. Do not call ATC for clearance to start and push. When you are ready to taxi, simply call ATC holding short of the movement area.

Terminals 1-8: The ramp area, up to but not including Taxiway A, is considered non-movement.



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