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(VOICE) Q: When I transmit on POSCON, other users report that I sound like I am in a tin can and far away from the mic. How can I prevent this?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: In order to fix this, simply change the state of sound effects settings in Windows. This only applies to some microphones.

  • Navigate to Sound Control Panel > Recording > (Click on device) > Properties > Enhancements
  • Change the state of the "Disable all sound effects" checkbox, hit Apply, then return it to its original state, and hit Apply again.

(VOICE) Q: Other pilots and ATC tell me that my audio transmissions sound scrambled or unreadable.
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: This could be one of two things: you currently have an unsupported headset or your sample rate is not high enough. If your sample rate is not high enough, you can fix this by:

  1. Navigating to Sound Control Panel > Playback > (Click on device) > Properties > Advanced
  2. Change the Default Format to 48000 Hz, hit Apply.

NOTE: If you are using Bluetooth, switched to a wired headset.


(VOICE) Q: Are Bluetooth audio devices supported?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: The answer is: it depends. Sometimes users can get Bluetooth devices to work, other times not. Here is a suggestion: When you use your Bluetooth hands-free mic, you need to disable the non-hands-free stereo playback and choose the hands-free playback as well (see image below).


NOTE: Note that the mic is always listening so it drains the battery faster


(WEBSITE) Q: I am not receiving any emails from @POSCON.net, what should I do?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: Your email provider is likely blocking incoming POSCON emails. You need to whitelist all emails from POSCON, specifically from “noreply@poscon.net”. If you still encounter trouble, file a support ticket by emailing support@poscon.net.


(VOICE) Q: When I connect to POSCON, audio in other programs such is lowered by half. How can I prevent this?
Revision: 18 Dec 2021

A: This issue happens because you have Windows controlling the volume of different sounds automatically. To prevent this, open "Sound" properties and click on the "Communications" tab then select "Do nothing".



(LAUNCHER) (X-PLANE) Q: I get the error "Installation failed: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect: <path>" when installing X-Plane
Revision: 19 Dec 2021

A: Make sure you X-Plane installed on NTFS drive.


(LAUNCHER) Q: I am unable to delete and add another PTT button.
Revision: 22 Dec 2021

A: Unplug the troubling game controller(s) and try again.


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