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Support Documents


Revision: 31 Dec 2021


1. Dashboard This is our main page. When you click here it brings you to the main website page.

2. Live Map Read more about it here: Live map details

3. Web UI This is where you find our virtual CPDLC. You can find more info on it in this section: XXX Get started CPDLC

4. Community When accessing this page you will be redirected to our forum where you can create support tickets, find our policies, creates conversation topics with others,...

5. Rankings This is where you would find the top pilots and Air Traffic Controllers on our network.

6. Support When clicking on this logo you'll be redirected to the forum on our support documentation section. 

7. More Menu When clicking on it an expansion of the menu should appear.

8. Quality Points This section will show you how many Quality points you currently have.

9. Reliability Points This section will show you how many Reliability points you currently have.

10. Recent Flights This section will list a few of the last flights you did on the Network. If you wish to see the full list you can access it via your profile (point number 18)

11. Active Trips/ Upcoming ATC In this section you can see all the active trips currently available to fly. You can read more about it here: Trips System . After a few seconds looking at the dashboard, the section will change to show you upcoming ATC sessions that will come online in the near future. 

12. News This section will give you all the recent updates of the network and what's currently going on.

13. Top Pilots This section will give you the Top 6 members with the most point as a pilot (or ATC if you switch to ATC point of view)

14. File a flight plan This is a short cut to bring you to the flight plan page. Where you can file a flight plan right before connecting on the network and fly. You can see a video tutorial here: How to file a flight plan.

15. Online Flights This section will give you the number of how many members are currently flying on the network.

16. Flight Experience This section will show you how many flights you have done online on our network.

17. Download the launcher When clicking this small icon the POSCON launcher will automatically download in your browser. You can read more about how to set it up here: Install the Launcher client.

18. Profile where you can have all the info about you on the network. From statistics to training CBT's. This is also where you can edit your profile with emails, password and pictures.

19. Donate Where you can consider supporting the network by making a donation! But not required.

20. Pilot/ATC switch Where you can switch to see either the Dashboard from a pilot point of view or an Air Traffic Controller point of view.

pilot.JPG.b99f7211a2acf1a2e9aa2a8cceb1e33d.JPG    atc.JPG.9e789e9d8edf0b6db7fd1c76d3711f84.JPG


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