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Discord Questions

Q: What do the different roles mean?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: Our Public Discord has the following roles:

  1. President - Reserved for Andrew Heath
  2. Network Directors - Reserved for our Directors
  3. Network Managers - Reserved for our Managers
  4. Network Moderators - Reserved for our Moderators
  5. POSCON Members - Reserved for those users that have registered for POSCON and also connected their account to their Discord account.
  6. Registered Users - This role is no longer used. If you are stuck in this role, please contact support staff to get your POSCON Member role.
  7. Enthusiasts - Reserved for those users that are guests or have not connected their Discord accounts.

In all cases except for “Enthusiasts”, in order to receive a role, you must connect your Discord account to your POSCON account by clicking here.


Q: Why do I not have the proper Discord roles?
Revision: 19 Nov 2021

A: Sometimes Discord linking doesn’t occur properly for a number of different reasons. To force the sync, users can:

  1. Visit HQ Profile > Settings and Disconnect your Discord account.
  2. Logout of HQ.
  3. Logout of Discord.
  4. Visit https://discord.poscon.net/link

Q: I would like roles in Discord. How do I link my Discord account to my POSCON account?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: Please go to https://discord.poscon.net/link and linking should be automatic.


Q: How do I get the Content Creator role?
Revision: 28 Aug 2021

A: The Content Creator role is reserved for those members that routinely showcase POSCON to their audience either through streaming, videos, blogs, news articles, or other media and do so in a positive way. The role is approved to post advertisements for their content in the "#poscon-streams" channel of our Public Discord server. If you are interested in becoming a POSCON Content Creator, please send an email to marketing@poscon.net.


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