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Flight Plan System

Revision: 12 Oct 2021

Like everything else, the POSCON Flight Plan System is a large departure from those found on legacy networks. The flight plan system has a timeline of various triggers/events that are derived around what pilots enter in the Date of Flight (DOF) and Departure Time fields on the flight plan form. It is important to understand how and when these triggers/events occur in order to use the system properly. Here is the timeline of triggers and other important events:

  • Flight plans can be filed as early as 5 days prior to intended DOF and Departure Time. Flight plans can filed as late as the current time.
  • Up to 35 minutes prior to filed Departure Time, the flight plan can be edited. At 35 minutes prior to filed Departure Time or current time, whichever is later, the flight plan is sent to ATC for processing and editing is locked to the pilot user.
  • After takeoff, the flight plan is officially activated if the pilot is squawking the code received from the server (through CPDLC) or received from ATC.
    • In the future, ATC will need to DM (Departure Message) the flight for the flight plan to activated.
  • If the flight plan is not activated, it can be manually deleted by the filing pilot from the time it is filed to 2 hours after filed DOF and Departure Time.
  • If the flight plan is not activated, it will permanently time-out 2 hours after filed DOF and Departure Time.
  • The flight plan is transferred automatically between FIRs by the server or manually by ATC, if online.
  • If the pilot disconnects and plans to reconnect while airborne, they need to reconnect in the same FIR the disconnect occurred in (with the same squawk code) to re-correlate your flight plan to the target. If ATC is online, they can re-correlate the target manually.
  • Upon landing, an activated flight plan will deactivate.
    • If a flight plan needs to be deactivated while the airplane is still airborne, then the controller will be able to do this by the command QX FP {FLID} <KBE>

ATC have full access to the Flight Plan List page to view and edit flight plans. There are four status icons that are used on the Flight Plan List page:

Artboard_4.png.4dd2a8b806b462aa4afe86ffa12a1157.png - Flight Plan Active

Artboard_5.png.12cf567c34208dcc59c0fb49ef48b92f.png - Flight Plan Pending Activation

icon.png.7eeed2ed5815e0d43d0bf6091f0e8068.png - Flight Plan Cancelled by Landing

Artboard_6.png.f9051c7660ada56a74834aaf8269b24c.png - Flight Plan Cancelled by User


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