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Signing-In to a Position

Revision: 08 Oct 2021

By default, controllers are already logged-in (connected) to the POSCON network when they open the Radar Client. This is accomplished by a token authentication system that the Launcher Client manages behind the scenes. As a result, it is rare that a controller would ever have to enter their authentication details more than once since the token is refreshed automatically while the Launcher Client when running.

There are times when a controller may inadvertently be disconnected or may wish to manually disconnect from the network, but these situations are rare. As described in the Launching the Radar Client section, if you wish to manually disconnect, you may use the Log-Out (LO) command and if you wish to manually reconnect, you may use the Log-In (LI) command.


(SI) and Sign-Out (SO)
Revision: 08 Oct 2021

In order to control traffic on the POSCON network, a controller must first Sign-In to a Sector + Role combination that they are authorized for. For more information on sector authorizations/approvals, please see the ATC Policies document.

The menu depicted below is invoked by using the SI <KBE> command in the Radar Client command line.


The above menu, and the data that exists within it, constitutes all the available sectors that are able to be opened on POSCON. This data is populated by Facility Data Specialists for whatever FIRs they are responsible for. Controllers are limited by the role permissions granted to them. By default, a controller can sign into any sector using the "Observer" role. More information on roles is outlined in the sub-section below.


Revision: 09 Mar 2022

See the definition of Sector in the Glossary.

A sector path is a quick way of referring to a sector. Sector paths are unique on POSCON and they must follow this format: <fir>.<facility>.<area>.<sector>

NOTE: Authority is always omitted from the sector path. Example sector path: KZNY.N90.JFK.N2G


Revision: 09 Mar 2022

See the definition of Role in the Glossary.


Revision: 09 Mar 2022

See the definition of Position in the Glossary.


Command Sign-In Method
Revision: 08 Oct 2021

Alternatively to using the Sign-In menu mentioned above, if the proper syntax combination is typed into the Message Composition Area (MCA) after "SI" or “SO” then the server will invoke the request directly. Example syntax:

The following will Sign-In to the specified position:
The following will Sign-Out from the specified position:

NOTE: You must include the Authority in this command.


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