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ATC Questions

Q: Where is the ATC client? When can I do ATC?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: The ATC client (also known as the Radar Client) is located in the Launcher Client under "Library" and is only available to those users who have been invited to the ATC test. We need to ensure we have the proper training mechanisms in place before we completely release ATC to the public.


Q: How to join my division? Can I be staff?
Revision: 22 Sep 2021

A: Our ATC Divisions are based on real-world aviation authorities, which in most cases is provided by the local government (e.g. FAA for USA, NavCanada for Canada, etc.). For now, we just are calling Divisions by their respective country name. You cannot officially join an ATC Division at this time; however, you can support your favorite Divisions by visiting the Clubs section of the POSCON Forum. Once there, you can join the club and await updates as we slowly roll out our ATC infrastructure. Additionally, for each Club contained in on our forum, we have created a Division Discord and you are free to join as many as you like.

The best thing you can do to get involved is to help create division materials useful to POSCON. You can reach out to the Manager of Facility Data for more information regarding the creation of division materials. All staff openings will be posted either on our public Discord server or with the Division server.

More information regarding our divisions can be found in the Divisions Policy.


Q: My division isn't featured on the network yet, why not?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: There are a few possible reasons for this:

  • First, it may have not been nominated in the forums: https://forums.poscon.net/topic/28-recruiting-divisions
  • Second, there may not be enough activity or members in your division to warrant the Division creation just yet. If you want your division to be featured, you can help recruit members. Please note that recruiting does NOT guarantee you a leadership position in the future.

Q: Will ATC ratings from other networks transfer when POSCON releases?
Revision: 27 Aug 2021

A: POSCON does not have traditional ATC ratings. Instead, our system requires each controller to have an explicit authorization for every sector + role combination they want to staff. This means that traditional ATC ratings from legacy networks are pretty meaningless; however, we do care very much about what facilities you are certified to control on a legacy network. For the first 6 months after POSCON officially releases, we will honor legacy certifications. For the purposes of this document, “POSCON's release” is defined as the official release of POSCON, not any beta release of the network. There will be certain terms and restrictions that apply.


Q: My friends and I want to start a POSCON affiliated Discord server, are we allowed to do that?
Revision: 12 Jan 2022

A: As of December 28th, 2019, we have changed our policy and you may no longer create Division Discord servers. These servers will be created by POSCON Staff only; however, you may request that we create one in the #division-chat channel of our Public Discord.


When does the navigation data used by the Radar Client update to the next AIRAC cycle?
Revision: 02 Jun 2022

The navigation data used by the Radar Client updates every 28 days at 0901 UTC. The previous AIRAC cycle will be available for 24 hours after the expiration date/time providing a small buffer for pilots that departed prior to the expiration data/time. For example:

  • A flight that departs before 0901 UTC on the expiration date will be processed using the old AIRAC cycle.
  • A flight that departs at or after 0901 UTC on the expiration date will be processed using the new AIRAC cycle.

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