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  1. scotth6

    D'Stream Requests

    A new one for you to do just appeared today D'Andre - Pacific Island Sim's Reno/Tahoe. Cheers,
  2. scotth6

    D'Stream Requests

    I would like to see a live stream of a few of, or maybe a mega stream of all of, Paulo Ricardo's excellent sceneries. Also the new one by Jetstream Designs: Nantes Atlantique.
  3. scotth6

    Welcome Back D'Andre

    Welcome back D'Andre. I am stoked to hear you are back to do some live streams. The first live stream (replay on you tube) I watched was the ORBX Bilbao one and I really got in to it. I had already bought the airport, but finally stumbled across your you tube vids and decided to watch. I think that may have been one of your last too. Since then, I have gone back and watched almost all the live streams that were uploaded to you tube. They are very entertaining. I often like to re-read articles in PC Pilot about airports or aircraft I already have, as well as for stuff I don't have, as it can give some insights or info I wasn't aware of. Watching your streams is the same, and I do enjoy your off the cuff story telling. I wasn't really aware of ADX before that, and I started reading the news on ADX quite often, and continued to do so after you left. I am glad to see things have come full circle again and ADX has a fresh start thanks to all the guys you left the reigns to and the folks behind the scenes. Cheers, Scott

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