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    ADX Screenshot Contest Prizes

    A weekly contest means there will be a LOT of prizes given out. This means the monetary value of each can't be very high, to sustain the contest for the long term. I assume the prizes will be from various sponsors, so perhaps the more valuable prizes available be used in monthly, or quarterly competitions using weekly winners as competitors.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand that the virtual shuffling of big iron with lots of squishy freight from one continent to another is likely to be the focus here. I get it. I may even participate in those endeavors to a small degree (I do own the Dash-8 Q400, which is the biggest aircraft in my virtual fleet.) I am part of an apparently small, eclectic corner of the market that gets a big charge out of flying into and out of the smallest of places, with the smallest of aircraft. Sometimes my passenger list has one name on it, destination "fishing hole at Sundown Creek"; aircraft type: Piper Super Cub. It's a beautiful way to fly and still earn something. And I hope ADX and PosCon has room for the bush pilots of all continents. Sometimes you want some flying that is challenging on an entirely different level. Looking forward to what the community here has to say.

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