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  1. Hi all, Since my issues with the POSCON software have been solved, I thought it would make sense to close this topic. I thought the best way to do this would be to answer my own questions. 1) X-Plane 11 can be launched outside of the POSCON Launcher. 2) The "Connection failed: You have been disconnected from POSCON, Reason: Please ensure POSCON Launcher is running" error has nothing to do with Q1. 3) Web browsers open when logging into POSCON. And although they don't need to stay open, they will open when the Flight Plan or Web UI items are selected in the Launcher or
  2. [SOLVED] Hi all, If anyone running X-Plane 11 on Windows 8.1 faces the problem of the POSCON X-Plane client not being able to login, with error "POSCON Launcher not Running", then please try the following steps to see if it helps. 1) Check the version of Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2015-2019 (x86 & x64) in "CONTROL PANEL > PROGRAM > PROGRAMS AND FEATURES" on your system. If the version is 14.28.29325 or lower/older, then you need to update it to 14.28.29334 (current as of Feb 2021) 2) At the time of writing this, there was no update coming by way of MS KB Updat
  3. Hi all, I am running X-Plane 11 on Windows 8.1 & have not been able to get the POSCON X-Plane client to login to the POSCON server. I am wondering if this is due to Windows 8.1. If anyone has an identical combination to mine (X-Plane 11/Windows 8.1) & has POSCON working, could they please reply to this topic? Many thanks, Regards, KSI
  4. Hi Mal, That message means that you need to login to hq.poscon.net on a browser & click on your profile (in blue) top right & pick the "training" option. In Training, you will see a "Welcome to POSCON" CBT module that you need to complete (27 slides taking about 20 minutes). Once you complete that, you will be able to use POSCON in "live" mode rather than ghost mode. On a side note, I'm slightly envious that you are able to get into ghost mode. Some of us haven't even made it that far.... Hope this helps, Regards, KSI
  5. I can confirm that Beta 8 downloads & installs OK & Windows Defender does not remove it when downloaded. Hope this helps, KSI
  6. Hi, I have the same problem & email @Maher Abaza Network Manager. This is the reply that I received. Hello KSI, Yes this is a known issue that is caused by an elevated setup which basically only installs the "Montserrat" font on your system, because it's used in the Launcher. The Launcher developer is aware of the issue and already has a fix for it. The fix is not public yet, pending some testing. Once it's released, you will get a notification on the POSCON Discord server, or if you open the Launcher it will automatically update to the new version. For the time being,
  7. Hi Rob, No, I did not get a direct answer. I didn't think it was an issue. But I thought I'd ask anyway just to cover all the bases. So, thanks for the answer. Yes, I am running Launcher as admin. I can't run it as non-Admin as I get the "Access Denied" error message.
  8. Hi, Sure, I can send the .FPL flight plan file to you for further debugging. There is no error code when I import the file. It's when I submit that it complains about the PBN/ section in the Other section. I have no problem with the fact that this is a beta program. I have some experience in software development. I expect things to not work. So I am completely relaxed about it.
  9. Hi Chris I don't have a simconnect subdirectory in POSCON. I think that's an MSFS thing? But I have the file in the POSCON subdirectory & Environment.json contains 1 line, as below: {"voiceServerAddress":"aura.flightnet.poscon.net","voiceServerPort":10354,"messagingServerUrl":"https://atc.poscon.net","servicesUrlBase":"https://services.poscon.com/"}
  10. Hi Chris, Yes to your first question. I even let POSCON launcher start x-plane.exe (without the switches for reshade & vulkan) & POSCON X-plane client still claims POSCON Launcher isn't running. I have tried running X-Plane as admin & non-admin.
  11. Hi Maher Abaza, Thanks for your answer. I should have explained myself better. Yes, there is an import FPL function. But when I import an FPL file & try to submit it, the system complains that something is wrong with PBN in the Other section. But there is nothing wrong. The same flight plan when prefiled directly from Simbrief goes through without any problems. So something is wrong. But I don't know what. Hence my question about importing another format. Obviously, I don't want to fill everything section in manually. Discord is not for me just like FB is not for me. I don't
  12. Hi Chris E. Thanks for the welcome & some answers. I think you've misunderstood my Q1. Within the POSCON Launcher, it is possible to start X-Plane. But this just runs x.plane.exe. But I want to run "xplane.exe --vulkan --allow_reshade" & have a created a shortcut to do this. I cannot launch this shortcut from the POSCON Launcher. So, Q2, I start X-Plane separately (using my shortcut) (with POSCON Launcher running) & when I get to the aircraft & start the POSCON plugin (X-Plane Client) & try to login, I get the error message as mentioned above. An a
  13. Hi all, I'm a newbie to POSCON. But I have a few years of flight sim experience & was a real-life ATC once upon a time. I have a list of questions that I thought might easily be addressed by the folks here, rather than a support ticket. 1) I launch X-Plane 11 with a shortcut because I want to enable vulkan & reshade. The POSCON launcher doesn't seem to support this. Is this correct? 2) Due to the above, when I try login in X-Plane, I see "Connection failed: You have been disconnected from POSCON, Reason: Please ensure POSCON Launcher is running" error. Is this becau

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