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  1. Krazycolin

    Pro-Line 21 Software Package for Home Cockpits

    We are working on this exact thing... Honestly though, it will not be cheap.
  2. Krazycolin

    Viper jet

  3. Krazycolin

    Buy rights to RealAir

    (I won't get into the nitty gritty of that but, suffice to say that, coercion doesn't count as being "for sale")
  4. Krazycolin

    Buy rights to RealAir

    Actually, that's a very capitalist viewpoint and isn't, fortunately, true.
  5. Krazycolin

    Buy rights to RealAir

    I've spoken to RA... they are no longer for sale.
  6. Krazycolin

    737-800 Heads up display

    Get with me on Skype...
  7. Krazycolin

    737-800 Heads up display

    We have the way... the hardware is the problem... (well... it's not really a problem... it's just EXPENSIVE)

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