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  1. Hey Damien, The most recent update works out the issue (depending upon systems). It may also be because the QW787 is simulated so real; the actual plane is very heavy and it would take a while to get it rolling! Flaps settings and runway length matters as well. The stalling issue with proper takeoff still seems odd, but it's not as bad as it was before the update. Also I just adjusted my throttle settings to quickly increase/decrease and it has worked better for me. Hope you get that working! Later! Braden
  2. Hello there! I have a question for whoever can help.... I am having issues with very low thrust when applying throttle, especially while taxiing. The plane also is stalling very easy when I rotate after takeoff; even with the correct flaps and trim settings. This is very unlike any other aircraft I use(d). It seems like it may be an error in the aircraft.cfg file but am not sure. If anyone can offer suggestions or help to fix this problem, it will be greatly appreciated! I am using FSX with DX10 and Steve's Fixer. Thinking about switching to P3D v4 in the near future, but am happy with what I am using so far. Thanks for the help! Braden

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