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  1. Yup, that's exactly what happened. It seems that the TCAS is only active in TA/RA mode, as when it is in the XPNDR mode, it will still show TCAS STBY.
  2. And I was, the live map recognized me in flight, but for whatever reason, the flight plan that I had filed was not activated.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently installed the new X-Plane 11 Pilot Client on my computer, and went through the normal login procedure in which I was assigned a transponder code. However, after I put it into the transponder on the aircraft (ToLiss A321 Neo) and depart, the live map shows that I'm in flight, and the correct aircraft code, but where the flight plan should be, is blank and when I look at my filed flight plans, it will show that the flight plan that I'm currently flying has not been activated. I currently have the transponder in TA/RA, as when I put it into XPNDR only, it

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