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  1. THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED, AWAITING RESCHEDULE See this link for more details: https://discord.com/channels/529802626443771914/696922386490196028/797100215164207134 This ATC group flight will be a departure and arrival event. The plan is to depart from KBOS and fly to KJFK. We are asking that you please depart from KBOS as we are testing new features of Radar Client and need your help! Departure window will be Saturday January 9th, between 1500-1700z Overview The purpose of this group flight is to test various new features of our website / radar clie
  2. Introducing ATC Group Flights Join us for POSCON's ATC Group Flights that feature live enroute, approach and tower air traffic control services available on the Positive Control Network. This is a great opportunity to practice your aviation phraseology and get feedback from controllers on how you are doing, while simultaneously helping POSCON test the ATC system. How will it work? During the date and time we publish, we will provide guaranteed ATC services for certain city pairs. What is the best way to participate? Ideally, users will join the published route wit

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