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So its currently 12:17am and ive just been thinking about some stuff and I was wondering for everyone on here who isnt REAL WORLD ATC I would like to ask a question.

As its a hobby and different from the restrictions of real world ATC course's ect. How did you find it was better/easier to learn the knowledge you currently have?

As an example I learn far better from observing/reading then writing then do it, so when I started I would watch/listen/read ATC or documents then write down the IFR/VFR clearences, phraseology ect, and would have little notes dotted about with the information on and as I got more and more confident my desk got cleaner hahaha.

So i was just being nosy on what everyone elses approach was i look forward to hearing them.

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I see your post references anyone, not Real World ATC, I currently am a Terminal Air Traffic Controller in the Midwest but my start to ATC Began far before working with the FAA.

I originally started on Vatsim Many Years ago and I understand the difficulty of beginning to start learning ATC as it truly is a steep learning curve.

But I believe some of my past experiences can benefit others in the Journey into ATC, Below I've Attached References of Sites to Visits as well as FAA 7110.65 Chapters and Sections that could benefit others.


https://www.youtube.com/c/VASAviation - Great Videos and Overviews of Different ATC Scenarios that have occurred in Real World Operations.

https://aero.und.edu/aviation/current-students/media.html - Another Great Resource with over 20 Videos that provide in-depth Knowledge and Explanations as well as FAA Order References for Basic and Advanced Terminal Radar Operations.

https://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Order/7110.65Z_ATC_Bsc_w_Chg_1_dtd_12-2-21.pdf - Basic the Holy Grail of ATC Operations and Procedures

Tower .65 Chapters 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 and 7

Radar .65 Chapters 1 , 5, 4 and 7

Listening to Air Traffic Operations via https://www.liveatc.net/ and observing the operation with https://www.flightradar24.com/

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq4urPJHPbzOsQsgxYKGd2A - The Air Safety Institute also provides not only an in-depth look at Accidents and Incidents involving Aircraft all around the US but also provides the Perspective of Air Traffic Control.

Asking Questions and Creating an open forum for questions

In Air Traffic Control I can personally speak for all of us and say that in this job you never stop learning, There are always moments you may have to Reference Sop's or Loa's or the 7110.65 to find the reference you are seeking.


Lastly, Always ask questions and never stop learning.


Hope this helps.


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Hey, Matthew yeah sorry I wasn't very clear but yeah I did mean people who started in a volunteer environment it's great to see that a fellow hobbyist went on to take the interest into a real career and I wish you luck with every step of your way in your career. 

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