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Divisional Meet & Greet (Friday 11th Feb @ 2000z)


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Hi All,

As some of you may be aware I have recently been appointed Division Manager for POSCON United Kingdom Division I will be hosting a divisional meet and greet on Friday 11th February 2022 at 2000z within the POSCON UK Discord server "Division Voice Lobby 1" room I kindly invite any members that wish to come and meet all who attend. It is also a chance for you to ask any question you may have regarding the UK Division or the POSCON Network.

I have created this topic to allow members to post any questions, suggestions, or ideas you may have below and allow us to fully discuss during the meet and greet.

I look forward to meeting members and hearing your questions, suggestions, and ideas.


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Congrats on your appointment, I will be there on Friday for sure! 
Also, If needed, I’m up to help this amazing division grow:

- I will continue working on the individual aerodrome sectorfiles for ERAM 

- I can help writing policies or all the kinds of documents on a custom POSCON UK template 

- Not sure if important but I have some experience using Adobe Premier Pro 2020 and Adobe Photoshop so also I can help in the marketing department of the division (Probably this will be more important in the future after the division is officially launched)

It’s not a lot, but I hope I can help anyways ?



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Thank you very much Filippo. It will be great to see you on Friday I look forward to hearing your questions. As for your support, I have to thank you once again together as a community we will help shape and grow not only the UK Division but the Network as a whole.



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I look forward to attending the meeting as well as seeing the growth of the division. I understand that you have only just been appointed, but what are your plans for the immediate future?

Alongside this, what would be great to see are a few videos detailing how to use the radar client, while there is the CBT for Tower and the support forum, there are many things that could be a little more in depth due to the difference to EuroScope. On that topic, it would also be great to see improvements to the sector files, adding this such as VRPs amongst other minor improvements, are there any plans for this already?

I know that the Division is in good hands and I look forward to seeing your work.


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