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Audio not working after a connection problem

Rafael 1030208


Last night I was flying with some friends and while approaching the destination airport my connection stoped working. After restablished connection I realized via Discord that my radios wasn't working. I was online but radios didn't work at all. I finished the flight offline and so far I don't know what happend. Do someone know what may have happened? And how I come back online with everything working fine?

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Before I was on POSCON, I was on another network and had a loss of radio connection that I attribute to me physically disconnecting my headphones, thinking that I could revert to the computer's speakers, at least for a little while.  Unfortunately, it seems that Windows didn't like me pulling the plug on the headphones, so it caused my sim, (X-Plane 11) to stop seeing the audio driver for the headphones, thus, plugging them back in didn't work, and windows didn't allow me to switch to another device for audio, like the speakers.  Hence, I was suddenly lost comm and there was no fixing it short of restarting X-Plane.

So maybe you had a brief disconnect of your audio system.

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