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Few questions about the network

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Good afternoon everyone,

Hoping this message finds you well.


I knew about poscon long time ago, however, I can't see any changes or improvements in regards to make the network big. 

Don't make me wrong, I'm not complaining about it, but I really want to know if there are departments or people working to grow this network, as I saw the last weekend in a Sunday only 5 pilots flying and 1 atc controlling. 



Thanks in advance for the time taken to read this post.



Best regards 

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Good evening Santiago , I can understand your concern and thankyou for your continued interest and support for POSCON. I would like to assure you that behind the scene efforts are being made to increase on POSCON  ,right now not much division are active as a result not much pilots are there , but  we are working behind the scene to get them active as soon as possible , Yes I can assure you that there are people working behind the scene to get division active and help traffic increase ,as you can see that in month of JULY and August the traffic on POSCON did saw a jump. The division staffs, and it's people are working behind the scene to get their division active as soon as possible not to mention developers also. POSCON is still developing and there are lot of exciting milestones to come ! Additionally you can also help by spreading the word about network and it's advantages . In the end a product is successful when there are people to use it.

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