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Alex G.

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Hi, due to my PC specs I run FS9. And reading through the comments I’ve discovered there is no compatibility forums, and well that’s why I created one. My question is it compatible with Fs9(2004). And if not and y’all buy Vatsim then will Fsinn and Squawkbox still b working. Lastly my other question, is Poscon separate from Vatsim, like pilotedge and if y’all do again buy Vatsim will you make voice in it as well 

thank you,

Alex Gowen 

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I don't know whether POSCON's Pilot Client will support FS9 so I'll defer that to someone knowledgeable.

However, just to clear up a couple points of confusion:

VATSIM, PilotEdge, IVAO, and eventually PosCon are all separate multiplayer (<-- term used loosely) networks.  You do not "buy" them, you "connect to" them.  Each one has certain programs/apps you use to connect your simulator to their network.  VATSIM has several different Pilot Clients; IVAO and PilotEdge each have one main one nm(I believe).  Some networks are free, and some (such as PilotEdge) require you to buy a monthly or annual subscription to be allowed to connect to it.

Hope that helps...

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Wait -- I think I misunderstood what you meant by "buy VATSIM."  LOL!  I got it now.

My unsolicited advice (from an outsider's perspective) -- wait for an official statement from the founders / owners of POSCON.  In the other FS news posts & on Facebook, there are a ton of people posting speculation based on little infinitesimal pieces of that discussion that have leaked out & been posted out of context, which subsequent responders are assuming as fact, & then it just blows up from there.

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