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Adverse Weather Operations On B738

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  Hello guys,

I will tell you some points about bad weather condition operations on Boeing 737-800 based on FCOM.

The following information applies to takeoffs on wet or contaminated


-Do not use reduced thrust for takeoff if runway is

contaminated by slush, snow, standing water or ice

-Reduced thrust is allowed for takeoff on a wet runway

-V1 may be reduced to minimum

-Takeoffs are not recommended when slush, wet snow or

standing water depth is more than ½ inch (13mm) or dry

snow depth is more than 4 inches (102mm) .


For cold weathers,

-Icing conditions exist when OAT or TAT is 10°C or below. Do not use

engine or wing anti ice when OAT or TAT is above 10°C.


Engine Start Procedure

-Do the normal Engine Start Procedure with following modifications:

-In case of temperatures below -40°C do not start engines.

Call maintenance.

- If temperature is below -35°C idle engine for two minutes


Wing Anti-ice Operation – On the Ground

-Use wing anti-ice during all ground operations between engine start

and takeoff when icing conditions exist or are anticipated.

-Do not use wing anti-ice when OAT is above 10°C.

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