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Any Belgians in Standby?


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(EN) Hi, are there any Belgians in stanby here, waiting on the public realise date, waiting for the big moment this network is going online?

I searching already longer time for a better alternative for FSCloud & VATSIM/IVAO.


(NL) Hey, zijn er hier Belgen in standby, wachtende op de publicatie, wachtende op het grote moment dit netwerk online gegooid word?

Ik zoek al ruime tijd naar een goed alternatief voor FSCloud & VATSIM/IVAO.




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  • 3 weeks later...

Yes I am... looking forward especially for the vhf immersion ... i submitted to three area I’m flying most of the time ... Belgian ( as native country ), France and the states ... Flying only on Xplane mostly VFR and like also the Ffa320 and the ZIBO... 


hoping to be able to join the extended beta team

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Hi Philipe, welcome.

I also most like the smaller types like C172, PA32, PA34, PA46, TBM8, PC12 up to jets like Phenom100/300 & PC24.

Like it to run my own virtual company Q2 Logistics|Premium to add some economic experience to the flightsim.

Check my website to know more of my little virtual company. (www.q2logistics.be)

Use AirHauler² to do this at this moment. Hope also to move from FSCloud to POSCON with time as multiplayer, online flight network.

It's always nice to have some live, interactive traffic in the region I flying. Aia-traffic is not an option for me personally.


Kind Regards,


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