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Ghost Mode function in POSCON

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Hi friends,

                POSCON introduced very nice option is called Ghost Mode. It works in two ways.

1.       During Taxi out to Take off time or approaching – landing to taxi in,  if we  pause our sim / crashed /some technical glitch happens POSCON automatically on Ghost mode. It means my aircraft will invisible in network  but I can see other traffics. It helps other traffics & ATC controllers to run situation very easily without any disturbance. We can on manually on Ghost mode too . But during this period of time we can’t unGhost mode (back to normal) once enter runway or landing time.

2.       During cruising time we can on Ghost mode manually if we want  AFK (away from keyboard), we can see our aircraft with little light color, but till we can fly with POSCON network.

Really amazing options added by POSCON developers.

Just sharing my beta testing experience. Hope you will enjoy with this option.


I added 2 pictures, first one normal mode / Ghost mode off & second one Ghost mode on.



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