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Pilot Client UI Help

Lonnie 1023000

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I have downloaded the POSCON launcher, and from there installed the pilot client, but shouldn't I be able to download the UI? When I load up the pilot client, I only see the little menu that has "connect, Mode charlie, Ident...". How am I able to download the UI that is what I can see from the UI on the website? Thanks

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Hello Lonnie, the Pilot Client is accessible only via the HQ website UI, not from the launcher. You can also open it from your phone if you want. However, before any connection, activate the launcher for te autentication process, then the your Simulator client. Hope that will be helpful. Take in consideration that they had report that are in progress some upgrades with the servers yesterday on Discord, maybe could be also this the reason of your problems.

PS: I see that you're are a registered user on the forum, but not a member. Did you had receive the invite for the beta?

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On 1/29/2021 at 2:05 AM, Lonnie 1023000 said:

@Andrea M. (1015884)I did receive the invite for the beta. I saw a video a few months back of the Pilot Client as its own UI as opposed to from the HQ website thats why I was curious. 


In regards to being a member, how do you mean I am not a member? I have access to POSCON beta, so I am not sure why it would say I am not a member.

If you click over any profile for any user, you can see his-her details below the name and surname or the nickname. In your case, is registered user, which is the first status available after your registration on POSCON. If you find a user which have the status written on violet, and with diciture "members" that user is a member which was invited to the beta and it was fully approved. If you had receive the mail which has adviced you that you're invited to join the invite beta phase, probably your account is still on a pending phase for the fully approval for the beta on invite. I suggest you to ask in the future to the mail support@poscon.net if this problem will continue.

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