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    Welcome! Let’s become friends

    Yet another Andrew clocking in... I've been around the airdailyx system for a long time, since the blogspot days I guess, commenting on posts and suggesting news items as they came up... I was mostly beaten to the post by others, but hey, it is all about the taking part isn't it. Location? Sort of in between EDDF and EDDN in terms of international airports, but GA/MIL (warbirds mostly) is more my cup of tea. I am less into the glorified bus driver antics of commercial airline services though am somwhat partial to the likes of Majestic's Q400... My setup is more geared to stick and rudder flying as well (with a modified Warthog HOTAS, VirtualFly TQ6, a pair of trim wheels from Saitek, and the gorgeous MFG Crosswinds). I use Prepar3D V4.3 currently, but am also considering X-Plane 11 and DCS, or maybe Aerofly FS2 for a change... I used to lurk on IVAO (as coverage always seemed better in Europe), never got into VATSIM... A
  2. Andrew E

    ADX Screenshot Contest Prizes

    A2A addon voucher would be a cool idea. They seldomly have sales, so it would be nice for screenshot winners to be able to pick one of the addons... A

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