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  1. Im not a real pilot, but I can share my 2 cents about this. When landing with very strong headwinds, and high temperatures, your wind correction values to the Vref speed are a lot higher. Hence, you run into the speed limitations of the high flap settings. In a 738-800, normal landing config is Flaps 30/40. However, should you face strong headwinds (i.e. 30ktG45kt), you are at the maximum recommended wind correction of VREF + 20 kts. At this speed, you will be in the red during F30 and F40. So an abnormal F15 might be the case. So you were right in your thinking. Now if a RW pilot wants to come here and totally destroy my answer and shed sone light.... please do! Nico
  2. Something tells me you already know the answer to this.... but i waste my time.... why not? if you are given a vector after wheels up when you filed for an RNAV procedure, this will force you to depart on HDG hold mode and not LNAV. There is ussualy a reason for the vectors (traffic and separation being the most important) more often than not, you will be turned direct a waypoint in the SiD and told to resume the SID. Nico
  3. Great! Will you also be solving the issue of shorter readbacks (i.e. sqw only) in poscon?
  4. Expectation bias, that is a good one. I guess that is the reason why you perform checklists and briefinds even if it is your 1000th time performing the same procedure. Is it fair to expect that you need a more complete readback to a CLR_DEL than a CTR controller when FLYING ONLINE? also, whats the deal with PDC? And why havent all facilities adopted this procedure? It seems to be a big time saver
  5. Ahora si mis amigos Colombianos, como les prometi en nuestra conversacion de TS, aca tenemos la plataforma para estanlecer cada ARTCC y cualquier pregunta que tengan por favor usen este medio para contactarnos. Y no se olviden de avisarle a los miembros de Vatsim Colombia que se registren en este foro ya que cuanto mas miembros tenga, mas recursos van a recibir para formalizar el grupo antes del lanzamiento de POSCON. nico
  6. I fly online all the time, and whenever i file a flight plan (assuming it was sourced from flightaware or the preferred route database), after my clearance was given Exactly as i filed it, i read back the transponder code and my call sign. That’s it. I figure it saves a controller’s time. Is this correct? Do controllers online appreciate this or prefer a full readback?

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