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  1. Nico

    ADX Screenshot Contest Prizes

    Never underestimate the new ADX. The prices can be anything we want, every week. And for the record, we designate the prize, and expect to buy the product. If the developer wants to participate.... then that is great!
  2. Nico

    ADX Screenshot Contest Prizes

    It is safe tonassume that if you are posting a screenshot there is a high probability that you alreadybhave a sim.
  3. Nico

    New ADX Site Feedback

    You dont think you are going to pass unnoticed, right? big fan of ALL your products!
  4. Nico

    Buy rights to RealAir

    Everything is for sale... you know that
  5. Nico

    Viper jet

    Never heard of a viper jet
  6. ADX friends, We want you to participate and enjoy our weekly screenshot contest. In addition, we want you to chose the weekly prizes. So use this thread to name the prize of your choice. I guarantee that with enough requests for a specific product, we will give it away on the following week. Make you our life easy. Just post the name of the tittle. No intro necessary. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Nico
  7. In order to celebrate MLK weekemd, the second FNO of the year will take -lace in Atlanta from 7Pm NYT to 11 PM NYT. Just this morning, ImagineSim released their updated version of ATL.... what better way to test this out than arriving into a busy Atlanta at might with lots of traffic!?
  8. Nico

    New ADX Site Feedback

    Thanks a lot man! That means a lot
  9. Nico

    737-800 Heads up display

    Thats the first thing i will do when i get home at 5pm nyt
  10. Nico

    New ADX Site Feedback

    I apologize in advanced if there is a confusion between ADX and PosCon. This is not by design but a side effect of the situation. A complete refurbish of ADX required substantial resources and capital. PosCon provided both of those. So the line is naturally gray today but will become more evidend and segregated once the PosCon network goes live later this year. Instead of only having the ADX forums to the registered users, we also granted access to the general PosCon forums which are hosted by the same server in order to allow you guys to witness the pricess of creating a completely new network from scratch. However, if this creates confusion, we can always remove those priviledges and only have the ADX forum accesible. Is this creating a confusion? i also wanted to touch on another issue. You have simmers that love flying online, simmers that hate it, and users that would love to but feel overwhelmed by the experience. The issue with the current networks is that they expect everyone to know everything without actually spending the time to train new pilots. Very few controllers actually walk beginers through the process without eventualy losing their patience. This a situation that I always understood but at the same time thought it could change one day. So by granting all of you access to the general poscon forum, we want those new pilots to experience and become comfortable with the great experience of flying amid busy skies with “real” ATC without ever feeling like they dont belong there. I hope this is clear but I be happy to address specific concerns. Nico
  11. Nico

    737-800 Heads up display

    I have the hardware already. Sitting in storage. I think we are a match from heaven.
  12. Nico

    737-800 Heads up display

    Forget the 738..... any functioning Heads-Up display would be a huge hit. If soneone could only crack the code and figure out an easy waybto do it. Nico
  13. Nico

    Welcome! Let’s become friends

    i don't like flying with you. Between you fighter jets and your helicopters I lose my mind!
  14. One of the downfalls of upgrading to P3DV4, was leaving behind those approaches in the top of my list. I would love to see Taxi2Gate (or anyone) make a 64-bit native version of these 2 autogen and terrain heavy sceneries. The approaches into both this fields (MHTG in particular) are too fun to lose! Nico
  15. Nico

    A320 Flaps 2 landing

    Im not a real pilot, but I can share my 2 cents about this. When landing with very strong headwinds, and high temperatures, your wind correction values to the Vref speed are a lot higher. Hence, you run into the speed limitations of the high flap settings. In a 738-800, normal landing config is Flaps 30/40. However, should you face strong headwinds (i.e. 30ktG45kt), you are at the maximum recommended wind correction of VREF + 20 kts. At this speed, you will be in the red during F30 and F40. So an abnormal F15 might be the case. So you were right in your thinking. Now if a RW pilot wants to come here and totally destroy my answer and shed sone light.... please do! Nico

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